Difficulties of Workplace Drug Testing for Employers

Most of the time, employers require their employees to submit drug testing results before and after they are hired. This has given rise to a number of issues between employers and employees and is a subject of much debate as to whether it is a violation of the rights of workers.

The concept of drug testing in the workplace has brought about controversy for employers. Some difficulties that employers face when it comes to drug testing include:

1. State and local laws vary. State and local laws vary in order to protect the employees’ rights to privacy. Employers need to make sure that drug testing is within legal bounds before they ask their employees to be subjected to the process. While many lawmakers could agree that drug testing may violate the privacy of the employees to some extent, they also know that it necessary for the safety of the workplace.

2. Drugs are legal in most state. In most states where drugs such as marijuana can be used legally for medication purposes, it is hard to justify the drug testing of employees. There is also that fine line between taking drugs as medications compared to taking drugs and being addicted to it.

3. Discrimination can arise in the workplace. Some companies do not have clear guidelines and criteria regarding drug testing policies which may in turn deem the procedure discriminatory.

4. Can be quite expensive. Drug testing paraphernalia can be quite expensive, especially for the most accurate ones. It’s a good thing there are drug testing kits online which companies can avail at very low costs. Aside from that, employees who are tested positive for drugs should also be rehabilitated and treated, and most fees should be shouldered by the company.

5. Belief that the companies are incentivizing drug tests. There is also a question as to whether or not drug testing is needed and whether companies are just milking money from the government or the employees through drug tests.

Even though the employers may find it difficult to require their employees take test for drugs, t is still oftentimes, included in pre-employment requirements and even physical examinations. It is deemed helpful in keeping the working environment friendly as safe for all employees.

Studies have shown that drugs can cause employees’ productivity to decrease which means a decrease in revenue as well. This is also one of the reasons why most private companies shed that extra dollar for drug testing.

However, considerations are placed when it comes to pre-employment drug testing. For example, the state of California allows for pre-employment drug testing only after the applicant has been offered an employment condition after passing the test. Other conditions for drug testing follow through with the discretion of the employer and the employee with reasons cited in the employee’s contract or company policies.

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