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A daily essential that most men and women wear are belts. They come in different styles and make a fashion statement. The Westwell tool belt has been designed to not only look good but carries hidden tools that are required daily. The tool bits are completely discrete and hidden within the buckle and will not add any bulk to your belt. The Westwell tool belts come in two different styles – the Clicker and the Voyager. The Clicker Belt is made from nylon, stretching to give you a snug fit around your waist and it comes in one size. The Clicker features a magnetic quick connection buckle making it easy to take it on and off. The buckle is designed to be a bottle opener and to carry one tool bit for you daily routine. The Clicker comes with a #1 screwdriver but the tool bit is customizable and you can decide which tool to carry. The Clicker Belt is made for every day adventures and comes in a variety of different colors and two different buckle colors.

The Voyager Belt is made from genuine Italian leather and holds more tools than the Clicker Belt. The Voyager Belt also has a magnetic buckle, making it easy to access your tools without the need to take off the belt entirely. The magnetic buckle includes 2 bottle openers, 4 wrenches of different sizes and can hold two interchangeable modular tools. Like the Clicker Belt, you can choose which tool bits will suit you best in your every day routine. The Voyager is perfect for work and casual attire and no one will be able to tell you are carrying essential tools. The Voyager comes in three sleek belt colors and three different buckle colors.

Westwell is currently crowd-funding on kickstarter.com with a large variety of different early bird packages. The standard Clicker Belt perk costs $45 and the standard Voyager Belt perk costs $86.

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