How To Choose A Chair For A Schoolkid Home

If your child goes to school, you should think of all the necessary stationery and other things they need. This includes a desk and a chair, as a student has to do homework somewhere. It’s very important to choose a chair, as the right choice is the prevention of scoliosis and other problems with posture. At this age, the child’s spine is just beginning to strengthen. Therefore, it’s necessary to create all the conditions for its proper development. So, how to choose the right chair for a schoolchild? Let’s figure it out with

Main tips

Reliability. First of all, the chair should be reliable. It’s best if the frame is made of steel or aluminum, they are more durable. Some manufacturers provide their models with five points of support.

Note: While choosing a chair, pay special attention to the wheels, they are the first to break. In addition, the child seat must be equipped with a safety rotation and motion lock.

Safety. The manufacturing material should be environmentally friendly. Varnishes or paints aren’t the best options as they can cause allergic reactions.

Note: If you have chosen a painted model, be sure to check the quality certificate of the used materials.

Practicality. This product should be easy to take care of because children often leave hard-to-remove stains on the surface of furniture. Therefore, if you buy a chair, you should pay attention to the case. It has to be easily cleaned.

Comfort. Mind such parameters as the depth and shape of the seat. The child should be comfortable.

Choosing the perfect chair

The backrest should support the lower back, preventing the spine from bending. The best backrest for children is slightly curved forward or tilted. The height should be at the child’s shoulder blade level.

The seat should be rigid height-adjustable. Sitting in a soft chair for a long time may cause the curvature of the child’s spine.

Armrests. The right chair has no armrests at all. The child may lean in one direction or the other, which leads to negative consequences. If there are armrests, they should have be of adjustable height.

Note: When sitting, the knees of the child should bend at the right angle, and the back should be pressed against the backrest.

Useful tips

  • Chairs for adults are not suitable for children of primary school age. It’s better to buy a model with adjustable height and depth of the seat, as well as the height and tilt of the backrest.
  • Often parents wonder what to choose for a student – a chair or a stool? It’s better to have a stool with no wheels. Otherwise, a child will be distracted from the lessons.
  • The kid’s legs should stand on the floor completely. If they don’t, but the child likes the chair very much, you can think of a footrest.
  • The child’s hands should lie on the surface of the table, forming a right angle.
  • When choosing a material, opt for a natural one, they are environmentally friendly.
  • The upholstery of a chair should let the air through and absorb moisture.
  • When buying a chair, it’s best to take your child with you so they can choose the model they like. If your kid is uncomfortable while sitting on a chair, you should choose another model.

Types of chairs for children

  • A classic chair is a good option as a child sits on a flat surface, and the backrest supports the back while sitting.
  • The kneeling chair can be used to shift some of the load to the buttocks and shins. This allows the lumbar region to take a physiologically correct position.
  • A chair with a movable surface has only one point of support, so it’s very unstable. In addition, it does not have a backrest. This is not a good choice for a small child.
  • A chair with an adjustable seat, backrest, and armrests is preferred by most parents as it allows you to use it for a long time.


A wooden chair is a classic choice. Such furniture may seem too uncomfortable for a child. But it’s the best option for a backbone

Leather or eco-leather. Leather looks expensive and easy to take care of. But for a child, it may not be the best option, especially in the summer, when it’s very hot.

Textile. This is currently the most popular choice, and there’s a wide range of textile upholstery. When choosing a material, make sure that it lets the air through and absorbs moisture. The most popular upholstery materials are cotton, flax, and polyamide.




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