Quick Tips For a First-Time Cruiser

Whether you’re thinking of setting sail on a cruise liner or your ticket is already booked, being prepared can make or break your ideal getaway.

So, if you’ve never graced the decks of a ship at sea, keep reading for some simple hacks to enjoy cruise life and avoid a few pitfalls that can ruin an otherwise perfect trip.

Book It Before You Leave Land

Between packing all your things and reserving flights, cabins, cabanas and more, it can be easy to overlook items like shore excursions, special dining reservations or spa appointments. Then again, you can plan ahead and not have to worry about booking something last-minute. After all, these activities tend to book up quickly (typically before you set foot on the actual ship), so make it a point to look at your cruise itinerary and offerings and pre-book at least a few must-do outings.

Remember the Little Things

Don’t be that guy (or girl). You know the one who has a greenish tinge as they move slowly around the decks. They are the ultimate PSA for remembering to pack the little things, like nausea medication, just in case you don’t have the sea legs you thought you would.

And while we’re talking about packing, it’s a good idea to set aside items like your swimsuit, a change of clothes, ID cards, travel documents, medications, sunscreen and sunglasses (https://www.smartbuyglasses.com/designer-sunglasses/general/———-4) get them at the best price at SmartBuyGlasses (smartbuyglasses.com). This is especially important to consider, as check-in day on any cruise usually means long lines and hours before your luggage arrives in your cabin.

Splurge on a Balcony Room

As a first-time cruise passenger, you may be worried about the size of your stateroom. Rest assured — cruise liners typically go the extra mile to make sure even the smallest accommodations are comfortable for their guests.

However, if you’d like less of a pillbox feel, splurge on a suite or a stateroom with a balcony for added space. Bonus tip: If you’re headed on an adventure cruise to Alaska or Antarctica, having a room with a view can be especially fruitful, as your chances of seeing wildlife while at sea is pretty high.

Other things to consider when booking your room:

· If you get seasick easily, try booking a room midship as you won’t be as exposed to the swaying back and forth if rough seas are encountered. A cabin at a lower level can also help.

· Don’t want to spend a ton of time going back and forth to your room? Then book a cabin close to where dining options and activities are held. If your ship has what’s known as a “lido” deck, try booking near it to have quick access to everything on board.

Sign Up for Special Offers

Entering your email address on various websites to score tons of offers can be arduous. But cruise websites are one of the few cases where you may want to make an exception and tap in your contact information. In fact, doing so can help you score the best deals on Alaskan cruise prices, early-bird savings and special promotions on certain destinations.

Do Your Research Before Booking Your Cruise

Before you call a travel agent to book your first cruise, make sure to do research online to compare cruise lines, ports, and itineraries. YouTube is a great place to do this as well as cruise blogs like Cruise West Coast that feature port guides.   

Relax and Enjoy Your Maiden Voyage

All the planning and anticipating you do will help you as a first-time cruiser, but our final tip is to remember to take the time to relax and enjoy your maiden voyage, as you’re about to embark on a trip that’s nothing like anything you’ve ever experienced before.




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