Wednesday Rant- Satellite Internet Options Are NOT Enough!

I would like to first say that I like the fact that a lot of things can be accessed from the net.

What I hate is the fact that some companies find ways to use the loopholes in things to get away with things. I know it doesn’t happen just with internet companies. I am tired of the companies that I have to use to get the internet from just killing me on the monthly amounts and really not getting anything for it.  I have to have two satellite internet options and a cell phone to get the internet.

Now let me break it down for you:

  • 25 gig usage for $160.00 a month
  • 25 gig usage for $160.00 a month
  • 100 gig usage added onto my cell phone shared between 4 phones but only use it on two. Just for the internet it is $250.00.

Total: $570.00 a month


Now I want to know who should I talk to. Watch groups say there isn’t anything that I can do because there is high-speed internet offered. But at what price do people think is fair? I am trying to run 2 businesses and homeschool my kids. I had to give up on doing reviews on games because I noticed that I would go through the internet too much. And to top it off satellite internet options isn’t strong enough to play games online. I keep getting told by people from a company that they are coming, been told this for 6 years now, even this year was told that they would be here in July, but nope. Now they don’t know when but come-on. Just because I live outside of a city doesn’t mean I should have to move just to get good internet usage.

I would like everybody to try this:

  • Take a look at what your usage is.
  • Watch a movie or play a game, even watch a video online.
  • Watch a movie or play a game or video on another site.
  • Take a look at your usage now.

What did you notice? Well, I notice that when you have four kids that have to do work on the internet 5 or 6 hours a day, watching videos, looking things up, it adds up. I have to check my internet every morning and try to plan what might be able to be done that day. I even have a plan for the month that has to be able to change from day to day but yet still have it flexible to handle when the kids or Crystal needs to use extra satellite internet options.

All the other local Internet companies that offer plans that would work for us at a reasonable price are NOT HERE.

There’s nobody else!


This issue is an ongoing problem for me and I would like to just put it out there and see who else thinks this is FUBAR.

Who do I need to contact to fix this?


I’m highly upset over this issue.





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Hi, I'm Dale. Some of the things I like to do are box, lift weights, and spend time with my beautiful wife Crystal. I also enjoy watching shows on Netflix or playing video games with my son when I can find some free time.

3 comments on “Wednesday Rant- Satellite Internet Options Are NOT Enough!”

  1. That is terrible! We live in an area with digital cable and Internet so I honestly don’t know how much we use. Plus our phones are unlimited. We pay $145 for cable and $180 for phones. Can you get an air card? Would that be any cheaper? I am not sure about usage rates, or if they would be any cheaper than satellite. But I know a lot of people who travel for work, swear by them.

    • That is very similar to what Crystal is using. She is using her phone as her hot spot for her Internet connection. Thank you for sharing another idea for us to consider.

  2. I live out of town, the only option is satellite internet and data from cellphone. It was great when my 3 boys were younger and I was doing distance online college. Unfortunately now the boys are older and we do not have enough internet. Their schools want them to do all homework online which is impossible and netflix, gaming, or streaming anything is completely out of the question. Now I am looking at homeschooling and find roadblock after roadblock because our internet can not support it. I am frustrated as well, I understand the idea behind FAP and that there is sacrifices to living where I do. As technology becomes more important in regular day to day life I hope it also finds a way to provide that technology to all.


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