Pine Cone Men And Other Pine Cone Crafts For Kids

We had a fun Field Trip Friday event, and while we were at Hitchcock Woods Delbert and Rebecca picked up a bunch of pine cones. Delbert had little visions of artistic creations running through his mind while he was picking them up. I personally just saw beautiful big pine cones!

Little did I know that there are so many different craft options with pine cones. I decided that since I didn’t have the vision that Delbert had that I needed to do some research. I decided to share his Pine Cone Men and some of my findings with you. I hope you have fun making these pine cone crafts for kids this fall.

Delbert’s Pine Cone Men

Delbert went to town making little Pine Cone Men on Saturday morning. He was a happy camper dressing his little Pine Cone Men. He only needed help with putting their eyes on because that required using the glue gun because the regular glue didn’t work.

I hope you like checking out his little Pine Cone Men.

This one is my favorite, but I like them all.

Other Pine Cone Crafts To Do With Kids

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I hope these pine




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