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By: Husband

Question: Why do people that run for office always want us to believe that the other person is the bad guy? I am in the middle class with a wife and 3 kids. I make just what I need too to pay my bills with little left. I never really want to make that much money (don’t think that I really need it to be happy). But what gets me is when people (both parties) run for office they love to say how the other person just is so wrong. I understand that not everybody sees eye to eye on things, but should we look down on others? I might not like some things about a person but I don’t think that they are all bad. Think about it this way: what would you do if someone came up and said, “That the person that they are running against is a good person and they have done an OK job (no downgrading or anything) but they think that they could do a better job?” What would you think?
I would rather see and hear that instead of always hearing that this person or that is why we have this or that problem. If we as a country stop blaming our problems on others then I think that we might find that we can fix the problems. All I see and hear is about taxes. I know that I pay taxes and I see that others pay taxes. Now here is the thing for me, just because someone makes more money doesn’t mean that they should pay more taxes or even less. I think that we as a country get caught up in the haves and have-nots. I don’t care what people make as long as they follow the law. If the law says that they pay this much in taxes and that if they do this they don’t have to pay this much in taxes then OK. If we don’t like it then we need to change the law first and then go after everybody. I don’t think that will ever happen, because every person that is in office is the same. They all have more money than the average person and they don’t want to lose it. Oh, it takes so much to live on a year for these people but does it really? I would love to see just one person in office really take a pay cut for a year, instead of giving them a raise. The middle class seems to find a way to do things with less than them. I guess that makes the middle class smarter in some ways than the upper class.

 What are your thoughts??




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