VeggieTales: NOAH’S ARK Review and Giveaway

VeggieTales has come out with a new movie that is sure to be another family favorite in your home. VeggieTales- NOAH’S ARK is hitting the store shelves on March 3rd. As the title suggests, it’s a VeggieTales version of the story of Noah’s Ark.

Details About Movie From Press:

In NOAH’S ARK, Shem and Sadie return home from their honeymoon to find that Noah (played by Pa Grape) has begun, at God’s direction, to work on a massive ark, which his wife Naamah (played by Madame Blueberry) and sons Ham (played by Larry) and Japheth (played by Bob) are helping construct before the start of 40 days and 40 nights of rain.

But Shem doesn’t understand Noah’s unshakable faith in God, particularly when animals start arriving two-by-two – while the rain is nowhere to be seen. When the deluge does come, Shem begins to understand Noah’s determination to preserve humanity’s future … and the importance of trusting in God.

NOAH’S ARK also features a brand-new “Silly Songs with Larry” segment, in which Larry dons a safari outfit as he goes on a quest for a gigantic, golden egg.

Less than three weeks after the DVD and digital download release of NOAH’S ARK, the VeggieTales excitement continues when five all-new episodes of VeggieTales in the House, the hit animated series, debut exclusively on Netflix – bringing the total of VeggieTales In the House episodes to 15 as the series continues its first season.

Watch this Preview:

Our Review:

I felt that this show was just as good as the other VeggieTales movies I’ve seen. After watching VeggieTales:Beauty and the Beet though it is hard to trump that one for me. The kids stayed engrossed in watching this movie from start to finish. Zeva requested to watch it back to back.

Two Copies of VeggieTales- Noah’s Ark Up For Giveaway

Two lucky readers have the chance to win a copy of the VeggieTales-Noah’s Ark movie. In order to win, one must complete the full Giveaway Tools form. The winner must also respond to the winning email from within 48 hours with all required information.

Good Luck!

Disclosure: We were given this movie to review in exchange for an honest blog review. That in no way shaped our opinion of this movie.




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  1. My daughter just loves Veggie Tales. She hasn’t seen this one yet so I’ll be sure to enter. Thanks for sharing!


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