Marriage Trouble Warning Signs

Often times in marriage couples don’t see the signs of their marriage falling apart until it’s too late to do anything to fix the issue without loads of major lifestyle changes. In our society, by the time it gets to that point, these couples throw in the towel and walk away from each other and get a divorce. I desperately want to help couples get into the mentality of “working on their marriage daily” so that they never get in this altering position. Today I want to help you see some of the marriage trouble warning signs that many couples overlook that can lead to the destruction of a marriage.

Quality Time

I’ve stressed that time is love a lot through the years. In our society, time has become something everyone wishes they had more of. Yet since the beginning of time we’ve all been given the same amount of time to work with. It just seems that our priorities on how to spend that time has drastically changed through the years. Often times, there’s a lonely spouse who waits at home for their hard-working spouse to stop working long enough to spend time with them. That lonely spouse would give up all the materialistic items in the world just to have treasured time with their spouse. Or there is a person waiting impatiently for their spouse to want to give up some other luxury outlet just spend some of that time with them. Either way, spouses aren’t not carving out time to spend it with the person they claim to love the most. My wish for you, this week is to make it a point to put on your crazy hectic calendars one to two days a week to be with your spouse for a few hours. Those couple date nights a week are sure to make a huge impact on your marriage.

Marriage Trouble Warning Signs

Communication Issues

Communication becomes a thing of the past. Often couples over time tend to let it take a back seat. Issues get swept under the rug rather than dealt with head on. They feel like they have more time to work on them later on. Even the communicating of love between one becomes less important. Every other aspect of your life comes across as meaning more. Remember how when you were dating, you couldn’t wait to talk to your spouse. Now talking to your spouse about the big issues and thoughts is like pulling teeth. My wish for you this week is to make it a point to really talk to your spouse about what is on your mind whether it’s your overflowing love for them or it’s a bone that you need to pick them. Be sure in all of your talks you show love. Make it a habit to never let the sun go down without making sure all issues are cleared up between you both.

Lack of Affection

Acts of affection tend to stop. I harp enough about sex that I don’t think I even need to go into that discussion in this post. The acts of affection that I’m referring to are those little things you do when you’re dating that tend to diminish the longer you’re married. I’m talking about holding each other’s hand, stealing a passionate kiss in the elevator when you’re alone in it, patting each other on the butt in passing and something as simple as a big bear hug. Stop what you’re doing long enough to make one of these little acts of affection happen when you’re around your spouse this week. It’s sure to brighten their day. (Warning: It could very well lead to other things too.)

These are just some of the things that are warning signs that it’s time to start putting more work into your marriage. There are plenty more, but these three were put in my face recently by another couple that I hold dear and near to my heart. It’s important that we pay attention to these marriage trouble warning signs and put a stop to our negative actions. We need to make sure we take time to make our marriages grow and thrive while we have the chance to do it.

What are some other marriage trouble warning signs that you think should have been added to this list?




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