Ultimate Guide to Family Travel on a Budget

This is the perfect time of year to be traveling. Many people feel like they can’t afford to take even a day vacation with the family. I’m here to tell you that it still can be done! It just requires using some of these family travel on budget tips. These tips are sure to help you see things in a new light.

Pay cash

If you can, the best way to save money is to pay cash for just about everything while on vacation.  By using cash, it eliminates frivolous and extra spending since we all know it’s easier to just swipe a credit card.  Try journaling your purchases too so you can see where you are spending and it’s also a great idea to count out your cash or travelers checks after each day to keep track of spending. And lastly, you don’t need to come home to a large credit card bill.

Allowance for kids

A super way to keep your kids “wants and needs” in check is to give them an allowance for the trip.  What a great way to teach about spending and to give them the freedom to buy things for themselves so they can learn the value of a dollar.

Eat in

If you can swing it, eat breakfast in your hotel or the place you are staying.  Bring along some of the everyone’s favorites or buy when you get to your vacation spot.  Some of the best deals are booking the hotels that offer a free continental breakfast during your stay.

Pack light

In order to avoid extra baggage fees if you are flying, try to pack a lighter load.  Just about every airline charge fees and if you can just carry on your bags, that works even better. It saves you time at the baggage carousel and gives you more time to have fun.

Phone apps

There are so many wonderful travel, restaurant, and coupon apps for your phone that you can always find great deals wherever you are heading.  Take advantage of these so you can spend less on your family meals out.  Also, download a city app for your location and search for fun activities too.

Share your vacation

A popular idea to save money while traveling is to share the expenses with another family.  Book a rental home, take turns making meals, and even travel together in a larger rental vehicle to save on gas and wear and tear on your own cars.

Pack snacks

Go ahead and bring along travel snacks for the trip.  Pick some easily packed items like nuts, fruits, and kid-friendly treats.  This way you only have to get cold beverages on your rest stops, or just bring a cooler too.

Family vacations are priceless, but if you cut a few corners along the way you can save some money and maybe take an extra trip that same year!

What are some other family travel on budget tips you may have? 




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