Romantic Escapes on a Budget You Don’t Want to Miss

Whether you just want to get away for a fun weekend or even plan a little staycation, there are so many great ways to do so without breaking the bank.  Check out some of these romantic escapes on a budget and cool ideas to keep the romance alive.

Stay local

A super way to have a little getaway is to find a local hotel, pack an overnight bag, and surprise your partner with this low-cost way for kindle some romance.  Book dinner reservations at one of your favorite places and indulge right in your own town.

Camping or Glamping

Either borrow a tent from a friend or even book a small cabin on the cheap and make sure you are only a few hours from home to save on time and gas.  Pack your own food and supplies and settle in for a weekend away, just you, him, and mother nature.

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Outdoor Music

Find a local music fest or concert because most are free, especially in the summer months.  Pack a picnic and make a day out of it.  And, you are only a short drive back home, but you’ve spent quality time “away” and out of your home for the day.

Drive Away

One of the best ways to have some romance time is to pack the car for the day and hit those country roads. Make stops along the way for some fun picture taking and lovely adventures on the road. Another chance to pack a picnic and save some money on eating out. Roadside stands are great stops too, so make sure you pick up a special treat too.

Last Minute Deals

Take advantage of last minute weekend getaways and if you can swing it, try a weekday to save even more in some places. Sign up for travel websites and follow local travel bloggers in your area as well.

Off Season Perks

A great money saving tip is to pick a location to visit and go in their offseason. For example, so many beach resorts in Florida and in the Caribbean offer special deals in their off season time which is mainly summer anyway. It’ll save you a lot and you can still get away on a budget.

Dine “In” Style

One of the best ways to reconnect with your partner and eat a great meal is to spend a romantic evening in the dining room and after you’ve cooked a romantic meal together. This budget destination is right in your own home and can be a fun way to interact after a long week.

It’s not impossible to take a romantic trip whether you stay in your own area, in your own home, or pack up for a whole weekend. Romantic destinations and staycations are not just for special occasions, so take some time to plan anything for your favorite person.

Try Something New

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have some romantic excitement together as a couple. Instead of a traditional hotel, why not rent a themed hotel suite where you can try something new and fun together. Even though you might be traveling to ancient Rome or 1950’s America, this getaway could be as wild as you want or just simply romantic and since it might be right in your backyard or a neighboring city there’s no reason to spend a ton of money on travel. The important thing is to have an open mind and a willingness for adventure.

What are some other romantic escapes on a budget you’ve done with your significant other?




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  1. These are great tips to plan a holiday in budget.I like the idea of camping.So far,we don’t have such experience.I want to try.

  2. We love shipping off the kids to grandma’s house and having a staycation in our own home. We love free outdoor music too. Great ideas, Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup. Pinning to our linkup board and hope you found some great posts to visit this week!


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