Turkey in Disguise Project

One day there was a turkey that didn’t want to be eaten but the hunters were wanting to get him on the table. The turkey started running and tried to get away by disguising himself as a bush, a woof, and a duck by finding costumes. Unfortunately, they found him and they captured him.

He found a way to run away again. This time he became clever and he disguised himself as a tree. He did this by poking a hole in a tree that was his size and fit himself in the tree. He used it as his costume. He remembered from long ago his friends said that if he was too fat he would be captured quickly. Luckily for him he retained that advice and stayed fairly skinny so that he could pass off as a tree easily.

His friends didn’t follow their own advice and they were soon captured and cooked. He thought he was the last turkey in the forest. He was scared but he faced his fear. He was tired of running and he knew that he couldn’t run from it any longer. He faced his worst fear of being captured and took off his costume and just choose to hide behind trees when he would see hunters get near. He managed to live a long healthy life once he learned that a tree will help him stay safe.

 How is your turkey trying to disguise himself? 

If you want to see some more ways in which turkeys are going into disguise be sure to check out the blog post that started this project for us from MomDot.com by clicking on the image below!  Be sure to get your printable while you’re there.


Note from Mom: He took his base turkey from the turkey craft we did thanks to Oriental Trading.



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  1. My son had to do this for a school project – his was a Ninja Turtle Pizza Chef from Antonio\’s Pizza complete with giant pepperoni and mutagen pizza.

    • Thank you so much. My mom checked out what your child did, and showed me. That was pretty cool.

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