Oriental Trading Makes Christmas More Memorable

We are falling in love with Oriental Trading with each passing quarter that we get to review products for them. Our list for them seems to only be getting longer with each time we go exploring on their site. This time we wanted to find ways to make Christmas more memorable. Oriental Trading is filled with crafts, prizes, and gifts galore. This Oriental Trading package was a filled with many things the kids couldn’t wait to play with.

This time I took advantage of getting a set to make our Thanksgiving craft easier. We also got a Treasure Box for the kids to try and help encourage them to do better in school. I love to do puzzles with my grandkids and found a beautiful wintery theme puzzle. The kids love to play with balls, and they had some really beautiful Christmas theme bouncy balls that I was able to include in the treasure box. I found a 400 piece Magic Connecting Blocks that I knew the kids would eagerly dig into building things with them.

Jimmy and Delbert go through so much paper playing tic-tac-toe its unreal. When I saw that Oriental Trading sold this wooden tic-tac-toe game piece I couldn’t resist getting it for them. I’m really glad that I did because they have played with just as much as they did on paper and pencil. It sure does save on the trees and the amount of paper we throw away.

I love to put puzzles together. There are days when they really help me get through a long day. They are also great for building up bonds with those who help you put them put together. It seems to have a way of opening up the lines of communication to work on them. I think I find just as much pleasure in being able to share dreams and thoughts as we’re putting a puzzle together as I do in seeing the beautiful images come together. This puzzle is just as beautiful in person as it is on the box cover. It’s well made and I know we can glue it to our boards and hang it in a frame to last for generations to come. So, my grand kids can share the stories we talked about with their own grand kids one day when they look at this completed puzzle.

This Treasure Box is filled with goodies galore for the kids to earn for doing their school work throughout the week. The box comes complete with pencils, fancy erasers, stickers, little balls, little Frisbees, and some nice size square dice. The kids are working diligently to earn these gifts. We also added the Christmas balls into the Treasure Box too because they fit perfectly and they are eye candy and the special prize.

The grand finale was us making our turkey craft for Thanksgiving. We got the turkey coaster craft kit. This kit was easy to put together. The kids had a good time making them. The pieces do fly away rather easily though, and Delbert didn’t find his turkey’s leg until days after we did this craft. Zeva wasn’t feeling that good when we did this craft, but she was a good sport and did hers. They make for great little gifts too.

As you can see we had a lot of fun making Christmas more memorable this year with our Oriental Trading products this time. Oriental Trading has something for almost everyone. They have products that make it easy for even the non-crafty person become crafty. They also have a nice selection of reasonably priced products to give as gifts. You can go explore what they have by visiting their website.

What item do you think you and your family would enjoy to make your Christmas more memorable the most?






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  1. Love Oriental Trading! You got some neat goods here. The turkeys are my favorite, and the kids looked like they had a great time making them. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I love Oriental Trading, too! I’ve used lots of their products in the past for church and school projects– they make it easier and fun 🙂

  3. I’m going to go order some maybe for Thankgiving and Christmas- I am doing the three year old nursery once a month and it is a long hour and a half if you don’t have something planned! Loved the turkey!


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