The Truth About Homeschool Organization

I’ve been a homeschool parent for over four years now. I started out homeschooling using the simple Connections Academy approach. They would send us all of our material we needed for each of the kids. I could easily just place their textbooks and supplies into a bin for each student right over their work area. Now, though, we have been on the independent route of homeschooling our children. As a result, homeschool organization as I knew it has since gone completely out of the window!

I’m constantly finding new and amazing free bits of homeschool material to use with the kids all over the web. Some of it I have to print out NOW in order to have access to it when I truly need it. As a result, I have binders filled with the curriculum that I will use when we get to that point. I also couldn’t begin to tell you a number of school supplies I’ve been stocking up on.
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When I see images like the one above I truly want to laugh because although my stuff all has a special place, the reality is it’s ALL OVER our house in various locations. We have tried to create a homeschool room  and classroom many times over. We’ve finally accepted the fact that we are just going to do schoolwork wherever the mood strikes us even if that means taking lessons outside.

The Truth About Homeschool Organization

I have learned that homeschool organization is not a one size fits all by any stretch of the imagination. We all have to find a system that works for us. Some families thrive on one set curriculum per grade for each year. Others are like ours and we like to dabble in a bit of everything at once. If you’re a dabbler then you have to make room for all of the things that go with it.

We love [easyazon_link identifier=”B018TVV7BW” locale=”US” tag=”tidbitofexp-20″]fabric bins[/easyazon_link]!! We have fabric bins filled to the rim with all kinds of things from our Science project kits to our various kinds of pens and markers. We also have our textbooks in them. We also have shelves in almost every room filled with books and binders of curriculum we’ve gotten online

I’ve also learned that if your house is small like ours is that taking away the living room and turning it into a classroom doesn’t work. I shared our room when we set it up like that and I’ll never forget some of the comments I got when I did that. I honestly thought they were wrong. Yet, they weren’t!! By doing that, I was practically eliminating my chance to bond with my kids outside of our lessons. Regardless how our homeschooling journey goes I’m still their MOTHER FIRST!

By doing that, I was practically eliminating my chance to bond with my kids outside of our lessons. Regardless how our homeschooling journey goes I’m still their MOTHER FIRST!

Regardless which homeschool organization system your family chooses remember your home doesn’t have to look Pinterest ready. Your organization method may be completely off the wall according to our society standards. However, if you know where everything is and you’re keeping track of the important paperwork and your kids are learning that’s all that really matters!

What homeschool organization truth and method do you have? 



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