Do Trophies Hold Any Value??

I do declare going back into memory zone has me thinking about so many things. My mom and I both have won our fair share of horse show trophies and ribbons. I have even won several awards with my dog in her dog classes growing up. I didn’t keep any of my trophies because I honestly didn’t see them do anything but collect dust and it was just something else to dust off when that time came.

However, now that I’m older and my mom is gone I wonder if I should have kept those trophies as something for my kids to see as accomplishments that were done by me growing up with my mom. Maybe they would look at me in a different light. I know I certainly looked at my mom’s many awards and aimed  to earn my fair share of them as well because they were always in my face. Yet, I never got to compete in the things that really mattered to me because my Mom felt they were to dangerous for me to embark on.

Honestly, I wonder if she just feared if I won, I’d want to compete more. Hence, that would lead to greater expenses that we really couldn’t afford on her one income. She was trying to save us both further disappointment by just telling me no from the word go.

That brings me to my current situation. I have two boys who both love to play sports. They are both tall enough to play basketball. I believe they would definitely earn their fair share of basketball trophies if they were to compete. I know they enjoyed playing soccer when they did it, and they treasure their soccer awards.

I would encourage them to hang onto their trophies and awards more carefully. They are things that will definitely make great conversation pieces and help others to want to compete to by like you.

Do you have trophies that you display?? Does it help open up for discussion





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