Rainy Day Memories

I had to go to my mom’s house today and check on it like I do quite often. However, today it was raining. There’s something about rainy days that make me think about memories of long ago days.

When I walked into the old dinning room I was reminded of my mom’s long table with her various tablecloths . She always had a different tablecloth on her long dinning room table. She felt that it was a standard necessity to have. She had one white laced tablecloth that she used on special occasions. I can remember her pulling it out for when she would bring a date over for the first time to meet me. She also pulled it out on other special occasions as well.

I honestly didn’t understand why it was such a big deal to have a special tablecloth. However, looking back I think it made more of a difference than I wanted to admit. Decorations play more of an impact on memories than one realizes until a person can no longer be involved with the person who made those memories.

I know Christmas, New Year’s Day, and now Valentine’s have all passed now recently. However, we do still have many other holidays coming up. I feel that my mind set has changed  about creating more memories for my kids to remember. I’ve seen many wonderful ideas all over Pinterest. I feel it’s time to start actually making them with the kids.

What is one decoration that holds a bunch of value for your family??



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  1. My ex husband’s family was like that, even having the “protector” that went between the top of the table and the tablecloth. I never understood the point of having a beautiful table and keeping it covered. I’m trying to think if a decoration that is important to our family… my grandfather went through a woodworking phase and we all have corner cabinets from him. Those a pretty special.

    • My husband does wood working stuff as well, and we definitely have some pieces that he’s made that also hold a lot of meaning. 🙂 I also wondered why she hid the pretty table too, but now I understand it because the tables don’t stay pretty uncovered. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing, I never really thought of my mom’s special decorations that way! There are so many things my parents have that bring back memories, like an ornate side table or the nesting tables in the living room. It’s funny how little things like that bring us back to childhood 🙂

    • It is definitely interesting how those things bring back childhood memories. I never in a million years would have thought about that when I was a kid growing up. However, I remember going to a special woman’s house and her house was covered with dolls of all kinds. It was the “maze of dolls.”

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