Oh the Joys of Coffee (Or So I’ve Been Told)

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I have never been a morning person unless there is something that I truly want to do happening!! I also haven’t jumped on the band wagon for drinking coffee. Yet, here I am getting up early more often than not because I want to have time to focus on my blog more than what I get during the day with three kids jumping around making so much racket.

We don’t have any coffee pots in our house at all. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to get a decent coffee pot. Yet, Del and I BOTH have talked about starting to drink coffee because we need something to give us an added boast to be able to get up early and go until 12am (sometimes later.)

Our world is changing as we know it now for sure because Del did land that management position. So that means, we won’t be together near as much as we use to be. 🙁 But we’ll manage. I was sulking about it at first and honestly dreading it. Now though, I’m thinking about the things that I’ll be able to do that I normally wouldn’t do out of respect for him. (Like be loud with the kids and play music loud… and yes, even clean my house more because I won’t feel guilty for interfering with him getting his school work done or being able to hear his TV while he watches his shows or plays his games.)

Plus I’ll be able to be the bad cop Mommy and get Zeva through her temper tantrum stage a whole lot quicker because Daddy won’t be there to hear her screaming bloody murder. Yes, he’s your typical man and can’t stand to hear his baby girl crying and screaming. (Note: I don’t like to either, but she has learned the value of crying and getting what she wants when she wants it— Mainly because of me spoiling her, but now I have to break what I created.) It’s not going to be a pretty sight nor will it be fun. However, it has to be done before we reach those terrible two’s or I’ll never be able to stop her from becoming a royal brat. (She has to much of me in her!!)

I do feel for Del because he’s basically going to be working two full time jobs and going to college. He is doing all of that just so that I can stay home with the kids. I feel so blessed because he is man enough to do that for us. He takes his job as man of the household seriously. Of course, that is one of the many reasons why I love him.


Do you drink coffee?? Besides Starbucks… what brand do you drink from home?? What coffee maker do you use?? I’m serious we are thinking of jumping on that band wagon.



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