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Please note this post was written yesterday prior to losing power. We are currently without power in most of our neck of the woods. We are running a generator off and on. I’m doing as much as I can in those short spurts. 


The first thing that I wanted to share with you was ways in which to start earning free products to review on your blog. Personally speaking I started reviewing products on my blog really early on. I did it with products that I already owned and loved from our home. I felt like it was worth sharing and a good way for companies to see what I was willing to do for them.

Where to Look

Then I started hunting down opportunities and places to get products to review in exchange for blog posts. I started out with Tomoson.com. I have grown to enjoy working with them. I’ve noticed that they have made many positive changes over the years I’ve worked with them. I have to say that some of my favorite items that I’ve reviewed have come from them too.

I have also been making amazing connections in blog forums to get to know other bloggers and PR representatives too. All of them have been wonderful resources for me finding products that I really want to review.

What happens if you come across a product that you desperately want to review and haven’t found the PR person from all of these awesome resources, what then? I’ve learned that if you go to a company’s website they will have a section on there for contacting them. Sometimes they even have Press Release sections which gives you direct PR information to contact.
Here’s a quick video of how to do it.

Making the Pitch

Then comes the tricky party, making a solid pitch.

Here are some amazing blog posts and resources to help you out with this:

1.) How to Pitch to a Company Even If You Don’t Have Huge Blog Stats

32.) How to Pitch Companies For Review Packages

3.) BlogaThon Pinterest Blogging Tips Page

How to Improve Traffic

This is a case of I wish I had more hours in a day. I have literally recruited my mother-in-law and oldest son to help me with marketing my blog all over the place lately. It’s made a huge impact on my traffic, but there is only so much that they can do for me when they really don’t understand the whole blogging world and how it works.

Many people who have never done the blogging bit for real products and money don’t understand that it’s far more than just writing a blog post. It takes having the right set of information plugged in the right way, connecting to the right sites, and being involved in as many social media outlets as possible.

Here are some amazing blog posts on the topic of promoting your website:

1.) 58 Ways to Get Noticed As a New Blogger

2.) How to Promote Your Blog

Here’s a final tip that I’m trying like crazy to implement in my own blog throughout 2014. Make sure that if you do start accepting product reviews and sponsored posts, which your blog doesn’t become solely about that. I’m finding that I’m having a hard time juggling that act myself.

I have a thousand and one things I really want to share with you, but in order to continue to be able to do that I have to have the sponsorship and the products. My husband and family want to have a reason for having me spend hours doing this every week. I can’t say I blame them for that. I’m totally utterly addicted to all things blogging. I love what I do and have no plans of quitting. I don’t believe my family would like me to stop it either.

What is a tip you have to share with us? If you’re a newbie did this post help you?


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