Look No Further For Your Perfect Prom Dress

This is a sponsored post, but that in no way shaped my opinion of this company. 

I may be a country girl, but I love to get dressed up once in awhile too. I loved getting dressed up for my prom. If you see me on a normal everyday basis, then you probably find it hard to believe that I actually envy those who are dressed up professionally all the time. So, proms, holiday parties, and fancy social gatherings mean a lot to me.

I love JenJenHouse! There is a huge selection of dresses to choose from. They have 778 prom dresses for your young lady to pick from. They have a design for almost every type of fashion lover.

For me personally, I would have a hard time deciding which dress I wanted from their wonderful collection. Even Zeva squealed with delight over the wonderful choices they have on their site. It makes me excited for the day when she does get to choose her dresses for her special events. She already loves wearing her little fancy dresses for holidays.

I have selected a couple dresses to share with you that I think are stunning. Notice I have a fascination with the light/sky blue color. I guess that may have a lot to do with not getting that color for my dress that I always wanted. Of course, that color also brings out my favorite shade of color my eyes have (I have mood eyes that change colors based on my mood.)




My second choice has more details to it, and I feel it would be more of an eye catcher than my first choice. It really is a very close second choice. It’s a bit darker shade of blue. It also has more of an open back than the other one. It has a bit less sparkle than the other one.

I love how it hugs the chest area. Considering I have a nice size chest now, and enjoy showcasing them this dress is sure to do that for me. I honestly would like it a bit more if it had a strap going all the way around the neck to the back too, but it’s still absolutely gorgeous to look at. I can definitely see it gliding around a dancer on the prom dance floor.

Regardless which dress you choose from JenJenHouse you’re sure to love it. I love the fact that their prices are reasonable. They are not overly expensive for a special occasion.

You can find out more information on their website. You can also connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.


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