The Power of a Puppy

Del has gone back to work. Like any woman will tell you, it’s difficult to clean a house with a man in it.  At least that’s the case for me. Maybe it’s because my husband literally goes through a room and goes through EVERYTHING in it when he cleans it. All of a sudden I have to decide if I want to keep something or get rid of it all together. If I don’t have an immediate need for it, it’s going in one of our many storage places on the property. Chances are high, I’ll have no clue in the world where it ended up on the property. So, I’ve pretty much kissed that item goodbye.

However, now that he’s working outside of the home. That gives me more time to keep the house maintained. It also gives the kids and I the freedom to play harder and louder. My husband likes peace and quiet to do his school work, play his video games, or watch his shows. It’s not a bad thing about him, but it is what it is. I don’t blame him for having those requests. I have them too when I’m working on projects, watching a movie, or in a complicated part of a video game (which with the games I choose that isn’t to often…how hard is it to beat Lego game levels??)

We’ve gotten a new puppy. That means lots, and I mean LOTS of walks to the end of the property and back. Which if we do it four times a day that is equal to a mile a day. We’ve been doing it far more times than that a day. This puppy is being difficult with this whole potty training bit. However, we’ll get her there one day. I’m just no queen bee at potty training an animal!!

Plus the weather has been NICE!!! We’ve pulled out the bikes a lot lately. We got something to hook Zeva’s carrier to my bike yesterday and I thought my legs were going to fall off. She has gotten way bigger since the last time I had to tote her in her carrier on the bike!!!! However, she loved it! She was squealing with delight to her grandparents as we rode by them. It honestly does feel good to feel my muscles tensed up from hard work.

My clothes are starting to get loose again finally. Of course, I’m honestly not trying anymore. I just see a light at the end of my tunnel that hasn’t been shining in a long time. Things are slowly but surely falling into place again for us. I praise God for all of that. I even praise him for the challenges he hands us as well.

I may not reach my ultimate goal for 2013, but I do feel I’m making a lot of progress. Oh yea, I got the Wii Fit Plus and my balance board again. I am eager to jump on it, but I’ve had so much on my plate lately it hasn’t happened YET. It probably will this weekend.

Both of my boys did extremely well on school work yesterday and today. I hope tomorrow holds on the same pattern so we can enjoy a nice weekend together. Especially since Del is off Saturday. 😉

Please jump in and talk to me…

How has your week been so far??

Do you have any plans for this weekend??




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