Warmer Weather Means Teachers Work Harder


I imagine I’m not alone when I say that when the weather gets perfect to be outside that it’s much harder to keep the attention of the little ones we’re so desperately trying to teach. It’s almost like a light switch goes off for their creativity of things they can do outside.

My boys are always telling me what they can do outside when it’s such a beautiful day. They tell me how they are going to play cops and robbers. They eagerly await the chance to ride their bikes all over the yard. They try to rush through their work and then it turns into a battle of wits to get them to do it right. Or they stare off outside and dream of all the things they long to do instead of getting the work done so that they can go do them. It’s like a vicious cycle.

I’m glad we home school so that we can get creative with having lessons outside while being active when given the chance. Which is not to often for us because when we go outside we get hit with other outside interference that makes it difficult to take advantage of the great outdoors and making the lessons even more enjoyable. Of course, that is one of the advantages of homeschooling your kids, when they get to antsy we can let them go outside and play and use up some of that energy if they do the first part of their work well. I have to break up them doing school work in stages during the final months of school because the weather is so nice.

Even I have a hard time wanting to stay inside as well. Especially since I have a laptop and a smart phone which allow me to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors while they play and roam the great wonders of the yard.

Please tell me what your thoughts are on the topic:

How do you keep your students entertained and focused during the warmer months??

What things do you enjoy doing outside with your kids this time of year??




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