The International Children’s Bible, Frost Bible Review

Zeva has reached the age of wanting her own Bible. I jumped at the chance to review this The International Children’s Bible, Frost Bible, Hardcover, Free Tote Bag from BookLook Bloggers program. I was excited because I expected it to be designed for a little girl.

About The International Children’s Bible, Frost Bible, Hardcover, Free Tote Bag

Beautiful Frost design in a Bible kids can read and understand. What little girl doesn’t want to be transported to a fabulous crystal ice palace? The beauty of shimmering snowflake scenes is captured in our newest Bible design for little girls (and big girls too!). The cover is a sparkling blue hardcover with beautiful frosty design elements. The interior is the full International Children Bible®, the first translation created especially for kids. Inside are 24 pages of full-color Bible study helps that encourage girls to be loving, strong, caring, forgiving, helpful, adventurous, loyal, faithful, and most of all, beautiful young girls growing in God’s shimmering light!

My Review

I was expecting this Bible to be designed for little girls. It does have 24 pages of devotionals, but to me they were just on pretty blue paper. As you see from the description it’s supposed to be for little girls, but I don’t see it being for 5-7 year old girls. I think it’s more suited for 9-11 year old girls. Even then, I don’t see a whole lot of little girls really falling in love with this Bible. I’m not overly impressed.

Do you think your little girl would like this Frost Bible?

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    • It is a beautiful shade of blue. I do love the sparkly blue aspect of the Bible.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope to see you again soon.

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