Erasing Five of the Homeschooling Myths

I’m taking part in the 5 Day Homeschool Back to School Blog Hop. I’ve never done this so I hope that you enjoy it. To be honest, I have no clue what I’ll be covering over the next five days concerning homeschooling. I have several ideas floating through my head, but I’m letting God lead the way on this hop. This morning I have to say that I think the best topic to cover would be first and foremost would be erasing five of the homeschooling myths and fears that seem to be all abound. I come across these statements a lot and I want to address them  at those times. However, I don’t want that person to think that I’m judging them. To be honest, until I was forced with the option of homeschooling my kids I never dreamed that it would be something that I would do. Yes, I wanted to be a teacher, but not of my own kids.

Erasing Five of the Homeschooling Myths

1.) “I could never homeschool my kids.” I totally feel you on this mindset. I thought the same thing! Then I realized how much my kids education really mattered to me. After seeing how poorly they were being taught or rather NOT taught in our local public school systems because of the teachers having their hands tied due to our new official regulations, I knew I had to do something. There had to be a better way to get my kids their education that mattered so much to me. I’ve always been a strong supporter of education, and when it comes to my kids I’m even more passionate about it. It’s amazing the things a parent can accomplish for the love of their kids.

I honestly and truly have no clue HOW I do it with my kids. There have been a few years already where I’ve felt like I’ve done nothing but let them down. However, after their test results come back from their PASS testing I know I’m doing okay.

2.) “I work outside the home so I don’t have enough time to do it.” Depending on the system you use, there really is a lot of ways to teach your kids without you having to be physically be actively involved. Personally I use Connections Academy which provides us with all the materials we need for our kids. They have one hour LIVE lessons with their teachers four days a week. (If we can’t make those lessons then they can listen to a recording.) Then they are given lessons for each subject matter along with their textbooks and workbooks. My kids are able to tackle a lot of the assignments on their own with very little assistance from me. (Once I’ve taught them the fine art of reading.) That doesn’t mean I don’t spend time with them actually teaching the material. However, the actual amount time I spend teaching the stuff is roughly four to five hours a week because we do spend a week on each given topic to ensure they fully grasp it. I believe that a parent can take that amount of time on their day off or in the evenings with their kids.
Yes, I have been a working mother. I literally worked 70+ hours a week and went to college online. I still work from home and also homeschool. I have worked from home, went to college, and also homeschooled my kids. The point is we make time for the things that are important to us. If you want some more wonderful ideas on how to manage it all be sure to check out my book review of Flourish: Balance for the Homeschool Moms.  (I’m in deep LOVE with this book that’s why I feel like a broken record telling everyone about it. Don’t worry the newness will wear off.)

3.) “I don’t have enough patience to teach my kids.” I want to laugh every time someone says this because I feel like I’m the most impatient person alive. My mom once wanted me to teach her something and I didn’t have the patience to teach her worth a dime. I am sad to say I still don’t possess it. It’s something I’m working on really hard. It’s something I pray for DAILY at least 100 times a day! However, as my kids get older they are learning the fine art of paying attention better.

They are learning that I don’t mind helping them provided they at least try to do the work. I can’t stand it when I watch them twiddle their fingers or goof off instead of actually digging in and attempting to do the work. I REFUSE to help them do something that I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’ve taught them how to do repeatedly and we’ve covered it before. Now if they give me some solid effort even if I have taught it a thousand times, then yes, I’ll jump in and help them more. But I’m not going to make their life easy (like some other people in my life) and coax them along with each little step and not make them work for the answer.

4.) “It’s so expensive.” I don’t spend any more on supplies than if I were to send them to a brick and mortar school. Connections Academy provides me everything that I need and then some. I also have the ability to add other programs. Plus I can take the time to teach them things that I know they normally wouldn’t have been taught in a brick and mortar school.

5.) “They won’t receive any socialization.” My kids gain a ton of socialization. They get to interact with all kinds of people every time we go into town (which is OFTEN!) They play with other homeschool kids when we have our local events or when we go on the school’s field trips. They also get it through a church. Trust me when I say they aren’t missing out on having socialization from our local schools. In fact, they are now given socialization with people who are worth having in their lives.

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19 comments on “Erasing Five of the Homeschooling Myths”

    • You’d be amazed how much I lacked organization when I started. I’m STILL working on it even after three years of doing this. I hope that this year will be a bit better.

  1. My son is still way to young to be thinking about school. However, I always have the idea of homeschool in the back of my head. These myths always seem to come up! Thanks for this post! Now I am back to considering the option again!

  2. I LOVE homeschooling my kids! I know exactly what they are learning and can work at the right pace for them. I also love the fact that they are not around bad influences… they get their socialization via their mixed martial arts classes which are 4 days a week. PLUS, I get to be with my kids all the time!

    Homeschooling has worked out great for my family!

    • Audrea,

      It warms my heart to hear a fellow mom talk about how much she loves homeschooling her kids. It’s becoming more popular and people are finding the joy in being a part of teaching their kids.
      Martial arts classes are always a great thing to get kids involved in. I took it in college and LOVED it.

    • If you ever want help or suggestions please don’t be shy about reaching out. I love homeschooling and everything it entails (even on the bad days when my kids have me pulling my hair out I still wouldn’t trade it.)

  3. Wonderful post and very informative, especially to someone like myself who knows nothing about homeschooling. I definitely feel number three on the list is true for me, but I also understand what it is like to want the best education for your kids.

    • They grow up way to fast. I can’t believe my oldest is going to be 11 next month. I can remember when he was Zeva’s age and being a total terror. Now he’s growing up and trying really hard to be a gentlemen. Of course, I ride his tail end hard, but he knows I do it because I love him.

  4. The who, how, and where to educate our kids has now become such an endless topic– Now, with so many options it’s really hard to decide. You did a great job busting those homeschooling myths! I think those myths are the reason most parents who want to homeschool resist for so long.

    • Thank you. I personally didn’t plan on homeschooling. I love the idea of sending my kids off to school. I wish I had a decent school to send them to around me. However, that’s not an option.

      I’ve been reading all kinds of horror stories across the Internet of things that keep happening in our schools all across the nation. At those times I’m glad we homeschool regardless how good our schools would have been.

  5. I don’t homeschool, and I’ve heard all of these! I do have 2 sisters who homeschool, and I used to work in Abeka homeschool department, so I am around it. You are right–these reasons are all myths!

    • I hear these all the time. I felt it was time to put an end to it. You’re right though even if you’re not a homeschooling parent you’re still affected by it all.

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