"The Help" Review

This movie is very good!! It’s heart wrenching to watch and it does have a good balance of laughs as well. It makes me sick to think that people had to work so hard to be treated so poorly. However, there are still some countries that have people that work like that to this day and get treated as poorly in other countries.
Here in America we have come a long ways. However, there is still a battle for people to realize that a person’s skin color doesn’t make them who they are. A person’s personality and inner beauty is a person’s true character and defines who they are!!! I have a woman who took me under her wing in my teenage years, and she’s as black as they come. She has been more a mother to me than my own mother was. My mother tried, but she didn’t have the background that allowed her to know how to be a mother. I praise God everyday that he put Momma Sarah in my life when he did. I don’t get to stay in touch with her like I want to, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t cross my mind a lot!! I’m just terrible at not picking up the phone unless I want something from the person I’m calling. However, we do still talk like we haven’t missed a thing when we do talk. 🙂
It’s hard to work long hours and be separated from our own kids, but there are many parents who do it now. However, we have that choice now!! This movie makes one remember that a “hired hand” is vital to our lives and definitely helps shape so many parts of our lives.
I highly recommend this movie!!! We are all stronger than we realize. God has a way of making amazing things happen when we decide to listen to his guidance. May God bless you!!



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