Being Big on Patterns….

I have always been an observer of all things around me. I also look for patterns in the way things happen. Ironically enough, two of my friends both found out they were pregnant around the same time as me. We also announced our pregnancies on Facebook within a few hours of each other. We were all due the same week too. We all have been expecting girls. Well, the first one to announce she was due had her baby two days ago. Then last night the second one had her baby girl. It would be totally awesome if Zeva came today to complete the pattern.
One of my friends is banking that I’m going to have Zeva tomorrow. She’s been pretty adament about the date that Zeva is going to make her arrival for months now. We’ll see if she’s right. 🙂
To me playing the guessing game of Zeva’s arrival is fun and neat and quite interesting to say the least. 😉 I know she’s going to come when she’s good and ready and there’s nothing that anyone can do to really change that fact except for the doctor’s methods. (Which the doctor plans to induce us on the 13th if I’m still pregnant.)

Well, we will see what happens….




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