Blood Sugar Gave Me Major Pains…

Well, at least that’s what I’m blaming the pains on!! I had a high blood sugar reading last night, and was in so much pain that I literally could not move without trembling in pain and being in tears. It was a living nightmare. Of course, Zeva started pushing with a pattern too boot, so we once again made another trip to the hospital. However, last night I was in so much agony, I was more than willing to go to the hospital. I honestly and truly thought, that I was in labor, that’s how bad I was hurting!! It was going through my entire back, my legs were very swelled up, and the cramping was going throughout my body. I was also extremely nauseated. All signs led to labor, but that was not the case.
This morning I feel a little better, but I still hurt and I am debating what to eat for fear of having another blood sugar attack. I don’t want to experience what I did last night again, unless it is LABOR!! I don’t mind going through hellish pain to give birth!! I’ll endure that in a skinny second if it means I get to hold Zeva in my arms once she’s out and cleaned up!!
I’m beyond eager to meet her, but I’m not doing anything unhealthy to make her come. The doctor said with my gestational diabetes that I’d be taking a huge risk if I did anything to induce her other than sex and walking, and that she has to come naturally. So naturally, she will come!! She means so much to me it’s unreal.
I felt close to Little Del when I was pregnant, and was so happy to have my little boy in me. However, his pregnancy was quiet for the most part and he didn’t kick my tail end all that much. Nor did I feel the constant wondering of “AM I IN LABOR??” He was content to be in my arms, and to this day he’ll cuddle with me in a skinny second!! I had both of my boys cuddled up to me last night watching tv, and being wonderful, caring, loving and concerned little boys. I let them go to Memma’s last night I was in so much pain, I felt guilty having them see that. I want them to rejoice over Zeva and not think of her as the one “who hurt Mommy.”
Yesterday I decided to go to town by myself with the boys, and on the way back I had some MAJOR pain, and Jimmy thought that I may be going into labor. Before we left the house, I told the boys, I hope I don’t go into labor without Daddy with us!! Well, when I had my sharp pain, Jimmy told Little Del, “Quick think of a good joke to make Mommy laugh.” Little Del said, “What joke, we NEED TO GET HOME NOW!!” I can’t express it in words how it was, but it was so utterly cute the way they were interacting and responded to my time of distress.
Jimmy did remarkable on his lessons yesterday, and even got all of today’s lessons done too. 🙂 He made me so proud and happy. I was feeling rougher than nails, but lessons still had to get done. He didn’t add to my agony and just brought me joy. That was a wonderful gift he gave us both!!
 Little Del begged to do his school work too, but then after 30 minutes he wanted to stop. Del and I both told him that wasn’t an option. If he wants to be officially in school, then Mommy dictates when he’s done. So, we put him in time out since he decided to give me attitude. Then I took him out of time out and asked him point blank, are you really wanting to be in school? He said he did. I told him that if he was officially in school then that meant he no longer had control over what lessons he did or how long he did them, and that I did. I told him as you get older that’s the way it works. I asked him if he wanted to resume his lessons, and he said he did. Low and behold, he went back to his lessons and then didn’t want to stop several hours later!! Go figure!! He’s my drama king, but I love him.
Well, I’ve rambled enough. I’m hoping I don’t go into labor in Columbia today at hubby’s doctor appointment. That would be truly messed up!! 🙂




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