5 Christmas Memory Maker Ideas For SC

I may not shower my kids with materialistic items, but I do shower them with memory making moments. One of the reasons I do that is because I remember more about how my parents have made me feel growing up compared to the materialistic items they have given me. (Not to say that there aren’t some materialistic items that I treasured growing up because there have been a handful. I strive every year to make the holiday season memorable for my kids like my Dad and Mom did for me growing up. Right now I’m rounding up five ways to create Christmas memories during this holiday season with my kids between now and Christmas.

5 Things I Hope To Do With My Kids Here in SC

1.) The Gala of the Royal Horses – Granted this one is going to be a date with my little man, Delbert, but it will be a memory that I’m sure we will have for the rest of our life.

2.) The Saluda Shoals Park Holiday Lights– This is something for the whole family. The kids and I will be able to create memories from the lights we get to see to the Winter Wonder Ride, the Train Ride, and the Wetlands Wonderland Walking Trail Hayride. Plus we’ll be able to enjoy making S’mores over their big open fire together. It will be a magical night of enjoying the great outdoors and all the festivities that the park has to offer us.

3.) Main Street Ice– This one is primarily for Jimmy, but I think everyone else could enjoy this place as well. SC doesn’t have ponds and too many skating rinks (well at least that I know of), but it sounds like this skating rink would sure put a smile on his face for sure. I think it would allow me to share a bit of my childhood with the kids.

4.) Lights Before Christmas at Riverbanks Zoo – For as long as I’ve lived here in SC, I have not gone to see the lights at the Riverbanks Zoo. I keep hearing from many families who go that it is a must see. I need to consider it this year for my kids that’s for sure.

5.) Christmas Crafts Workshop– This one sounds like a lot of fun to me. I’m not overly crafty, but I do love attempting to do crafts with the kids. This event seems to offer us the chance to do a wide range of different crafts while experiencing a bit of history in the Nathaniel Russell House Museum.

What are some ways in which you create Christmas memories with your family?



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