The Biggest Home-Schooling Myths That Are Absolutely Untrue!

Many people find it difficult to accept homeschooling as an acceptable schooling method. Homeschooling myths are the primary reason why families are reluctant to try it for their children. The myths overshadow the several benefits that this education system has to offer.

The notion that homeschooled kids are academically backward or cannot meet college requirements is completely wrong. Homeschooled kids tend to be more all-rounded performers and excel at academics and co-curricular activities.

Let us debunk some of these myths!

Homeschooled Children Have Difficulty Socializing

This is one of the biggest homeschooling myths.

Studies show that homeschooling doesn’t affect a child’s social skills unless the parents confine or restrict the child.

Homeschooled children tend to have more well-rounded social skills because they get more time to interact with people of all ages.

This includes their neighbors, family members, children from similar age groups, and children from different ages.

Parents can sign their children up for sports, dance classes, art lessons, and other extracurricular activities to keep them engaged.

This can be more beneficial for the child than being stuck in a classroom for hours.

Homeschooled Children Are Unqualified For College

Most of the time, homeschooled children won’t need an additional diploma to qualify for college.

The education imparted to your child must meet your state’s law requirements. 

If parents are homeschooling, they can issue their children a diploma in accordance with state rules. On the other hand, organized homeschool or virtual teaching programs will issue their own diploma.

Usually, there are no separate applications for homeschooled students. The college may request additional academic information which has to be supplied.

Having a writing portfolio and letters of recommendation will make the child stand out from the competition.

You can hire professional writers to help your homeschooled child write academic papers for college admissions.

Homeschooled Children Don’t Receive Quality Education

Homeschooling is a great opportunity to provide better quality education for your child through individual learning.

You can impart education in a way your child understands. You can customize your teaching methods according to your learning needs, requirements and pace.

Schools tend to adopt standard teaching methods or cater to a wide range of learning styles. 

If a child cannot keep up with this, it won’t be easy to fully understand what is being taught. This is where homeschooling serves an advantage.

Parents Cannot Homeschool Their Child

Parents are reluctant to homeschool their children because they think they are unqualified.

However, homeschooling works for many families for reasons like personalized attention, special children’s needs, personal values, or parents’ work schedules.

All parents need to have is a commitment to teaching their child and a proper homeschool curriculum.

Most states in the United States don’t require parents to hold an education degree to homeschool their child. They may require that the parent has a high school diploma.

Once you have decided to homeschool and found a proven curriculum, it is up to you to stay committed and be passionate about educating your child.

Homeschooling Is Very Rare

More than 10% of students in the United States are homeschooled, which equals about 2.5 million children.

Homeschooling is increasing in popularity over the years among families because of the flexibility, freedom, and individualized learning.

Due to the decline of the public education system, more parents are hunting for other alternatives to educate their children. 

This can include virtual learning or homeschooling services.

In the post-COVID times, many families have transitioned to homeschooling. There are also homeschool networks where families and homeschooled children can connect with each other.


Make sure you research any educational system properly before you decide to involve your child in it.

Reach out to fellow parents who have been homeschooled or homeschooled their own kids for more information.




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