The Best Hobbies To Take Up in 2024

In 2024, as we continue to navigate a world that is rapidly evolving, there can be a lot of challenges and stress to overcome. Hobbies are a very important aspect of life and a vital component in our toolkit for helping us to adapt and survive.

Not only do hobbies teach us new skills that can be applied to the outside world, they create a sense of belonging and develop our sense of self; all essential concepts inside Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In addition, having hobbies can help us to build friendships and connect with like-minded people that provide us will enjoyment, support, and companionship in life.

There are so many different hobbies that can be taken up that sometimes it can be overwhelming to know which ones to devote our energy too. In addition, many companies seek to make a profit out of people who want to take up a hobby, meaning it can work out quite expensive to pursue some interests.

Below, we’ll take a look at the best hobbies to take up in 2024.


Blogging is a bit like writing in a journal, only it is online and everyone else in the world can read it. Writing our thoughts and ideas down is essential for being able to stay on top of things and build healthy emotional habits by reflecting on our lives. Blogging gives people an outlet to do this where you can reach like-minded people who are interested in the same topics as you.

One of the best things about blogging is that you don’t need to keep it incredibly formal and there are no set rules. You simply write about what you are interested in and go from there.


Gaming has become much more accessible over the last few years as the industry has switched to ‘gaming as a service’. As a result, many games are now available on PC and mobile devices too and can be streamed with a reliable Wi-Fi connection. This means that players no plunger have to keep up with buying the latest gaming console that comes out, which can be incredibly expensive.

In addition, there are now a variety of gaming streaming services such as Origin and Google Stadia, allowing gamers to pay a monthly subscription to access the latest gaming titles, rather than having to buy each one as they are released.

Some of the most popular gaming consoles and platforms currently are:

  • Steam Deck
  • Nintendo Switch Lite
  • PS5
  • Super Pocket
  • Xbox Series X
  • Nintendo Switch OLED

What’s more, one of the most popular gaming genres currently is casino games, in which there are many quality games available at a casino site where they offer the latest in online casino game technology and experiences.


While crafting used to get a lot of stigma in society as not being cool, crafting is now highly popular, and not only are people using it to help cut expenses in a rising economy, but many are also making a living out of selling their crafts on platforms like Etsy.

Some of the most popular crafts currently include:

  • Candle and wax melt making – As people look to make their homes more ‘Instagram worthy’ and more therapeutic, handmade nontoxic candles and wax melts are becoming highly profitable.
  • Personalized items – Gift-giving in a world where people have everything can be hard. However, personalized products make it mean that much more and people want to be able to buy these products on demand.
  • Upcycled Furniture – In an economy where many people across the world are struggling with the cost of living right now, buying second-hand upcycled furniture has become highly popular, and having the skills to do this is even more valuable.
  • Creating Art – Mass consumerism has made people turn to seek individuality, small business, and localized products more and more. Creating your art is unique and people tend to value this over a mass-produced picture sold in a chain store like Target or Home Goods.


man gardening caring for plants

The world has become so fast-paced today and has had a negative effect on many people’s mental health. Gardening is a hobby that helps people slow down and reconnect with nature by being outside and doing mindful tasks while getting away from technology.

In addition, gardening enables you to produce your own food which can help to improve your overall health by avoiding mass-produced foods that contain harmful preservatives and chemical pesticides.

Overall, there are so many different hobbies that can be taken up in 2024 that the possibilities are endless. While hobbies may seem expensive, they don’t need to be. In fact, many hobbies can even create a profit for you. So, what are you waiting for, it’s time to dive in and discover a new hobby in 2024.



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