Tackling Drunk Driving with Teenagers

Knowing that your teen will be on the road, driving is scary enough. However, when you consider the fact that they may sometimes get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, your fears can skyrocket. And, it doesn’t matter how good or responsible your teen is, this is always a possibility.

This is why it is important to get in front of the issue. Don’t wait for your teenager to mess up. Instead, approach them before they even get their driver’s license to know that they are starting off on the right foot. Here is how you can tackle the subject of drunk driving:

Give Them the Statistics

Most teenagers feel invincible and tend to operate under the assumption that “it can’t happen to me”. This is why many teens who have been drinking get behind the wheel. They just don’t think that they can get into an accident.

One way to change the way that your child thinks is to show them statistics. Give them an idea of how many children their age are impacted by drunk driving. Show them how many accidents occur and how being under the influence of alcohol can increase the chances of driving fatalities enormously.

Talk About Short Term and Long Term Consequences

Many teens also don’t think that certain laws apply to them or that the consequences of breaking certain rules will be all that paired. This is why it is a good idea to sit down with experienced individuals like Jeffrey Mass & Robbie Tsang, DUI lawyers in Toronto and have them outline the seriousness of these charges. In many instances, listening to people have experience in such situations can be quite sobering.

It isn’t enough for your kids to understand the current or short-term consequences of such an arrest. They should also know that being charged with impaired driving can negatively impact their chances of getting into college. It could also limit their job opportunities or earning potential later on life. All these facts could give them a new perspective.

Give Them Alternatives

It is important to give your children strict rules about not consuming alcohol. At the same time, you have to anticipate that they will imbibe at one point or another. So, in addition to restrictions, make sure you also give them an out, regardless of whether they or their friends have been drinking.

The easiest thing to do is to give your child access to a rideshare service. They can order this and charge it to your account. This will allow them to get home safely. Let your child know that you will drive them to where they left their car to pick it up the next day without consequence.

Practice What You Preach

There are many parents who promise not to get mad if their children call them for a ride after drinking alcohol and then break this deal. However, always stick to the terms that you have set. This will show your teen that they can trust you. Not to mention, they will call you as they won’t have to fear any kind of punishment.

These are the top ways to tackle the topic of drunk driving with your teen. This should help to keep your child and your community safe.




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