3 Tips to Prepare Your Kids for Post Lockdown

The abrupt lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic has been very challenging for the world, especially parents. With restrictions concerning mobility and socialization becoming more lenient, things might go back to normal. Understandably, the thought of kids going back to school and their safety has parents everywhere concerned. It’s challenging to put your children back into the world where you can’t control, so try to prepare your kids by instilling all the Covid-19 guidelines to put your mind at ease. Below are a few ways to help you prepare your kids for life after the lockdown.

Good communication

Good communication is vital before and after school begins. Your child might express worries about the virus and the drastic changes that will come with it. Therefore, it’s essential to acknowledge that these changes can be complex for them. It would help if they knew that you understood how much returning to school is a big deal for them. However, it’s advisable not to impose or force a conversation on them but rather try to open the dialogue as gently as possible, making them know that you’re here for them if they ever want to talk.

Help them focus on control and safety

It would help if you made your kids aware that although they can step out, coronavirus is still harmful and still poses a danger to their health and well-being. As said earlier, it’s hard to feel in control during this period when you can’t correctly watch over and monitor them. The best way to be reassured about your children’s health and well-being is to inquire about the safety measures their schools have put in place to minimize risk and go over the safety protocols. If you have kids below the age of 2, know that they’re at a high risk of infection, so make sure the baby day care you send your toddlers follows strict safety protocols. Additionally, try to make your kids understand why guidelines like washing your hands regularly with soap are essential. Remember to take care of yourself, too, even if you’re a work-from-home parent.

Maintaining the usual school routine

With all these new changes in the outside world, it’s essential to establish familiarity at home. If there are some further adjustments you want to make, it’s best to introduce them as gradually as possible. Try to change only the things you honestly feel should be a priority, whether it’s more limited screen time and adding household chores. You can work out new sleep routines with your kids and build a healthy sleep routine that they can easily maintain.

Talking to your kids more often and creating a safe space to share their concerns, worries, and experiences will help them cope better with these changes. Also, remember your safety is just as important while you take care of your kids in these times. Therefore, try to put measures in place to ensure your well-being.




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