The Superhero Question

The SITS Girls have given us some writing prompts for post ideas for the month of July. We thought it would be fun to give them a try. After all, we’re all about sharing simply sharing our life with you. I hope you enjoy going a long for the ride this month with us. You can check out the rest of them under the SITSGirls prompts section of the blog.

The Question

The Answer

Del=”Matter manipulation”- If I have matter manipulation then I can control virtually almost everything.

Delbert= “Run really fast”- He is always on the move. Since he was a little baby he has always tried to move super fast. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of times he’s hit his head and caused Zeva to hit his head.

Jimmy=”To pick up stuff with my mind” – He was watching Tomorrow People with my wife, and that has always fascinated him a lot. He feels it would keep him from having to work so hard doing chores.

Me=”To read people’s mind” especially Zeva- She is all the time saying she wishes she could read other people’s mind. She has never been good at following people’s hints. Plus Zeva is a little fuss box, and doesn’t talk yet and it drives us all nuts!

Zeva= To fly (at least that’s what she is always trying to do.)- I had to guess Zeva’s superhero request, I’d have to say she wishes to be able to fly because she is all the time jumping from the love seat and couch. Plus she is always spreading her wings out and doing the airplane sounds.

What superhero power would you like to possess? 




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