Gain Peace of Mind with VTech Monitor System

I was given the chance to review the VTech Safe & Sound Pan & Tilt Full Color Video Monitor in exchange for an honest blog review. I assure you that in no way shaped my opinion of this product.

I can’t express how much this monitor has changed our life for the better. For as much as I love my kids, they are wild and love to torture each other when I leave the room. They play rough with each other, and I always end up hearing “ouch” or Zeva screaming bloody murder, and let me tell you trying to use the restroom with that kind of racket going on and not being able to see what is going on is quite difficult to deal with. Plus it caused major trust issues with me concerning my kids.

I practically begged for the chance to review this monitor. I’m so utterly glad that I did because now I can leave my kids to play on their own without fear. Granted, it took a while for them to learn that I could in fact see and HEAR everything they were doing practically everywhere in the house. The first couple of days it literally caused a lot of laughs. Del became “The Robot Dad” because he did a lot of discipline through the talk feature of this system. Now Del can be an active part of raising the kids when he’s in his man cave relaxing after a hard day of work outside.

As you can tell from looking at the box, the VTech Safe & Sound Pan & Tilt Full Color Video Monitor has many features to it. Del has loved being able to turn the camera around and view everything going on in the house. This camera has the pan, tilt, and zoom feature. “The camera pans up to 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 124 degrees up and down. The camera zooms up to 2x.”  Del has now become an over protective father with the kids at night. I literally have had to get up and reposition Zeva several times because Del can see her using the infrared LED lights to check on her. He has also made sure the kids go to sleep like they are supposed to now without them staying up sneaking to play anymore.

For as much as Del loves having this monitor system in the house he still trying to convince me to let him put it outside to use it as a security system for his wood working shop. I told him we’re just going to have to get another camera for it since our one unit will actually support up to 4 cameras. The one we have reaches from our living room to the kid’s bedroom with ease since it has a nice long cord on it, but I’d still like to have two more for the house too.

I literally love the fact that I can take my monitor with me up to 1000 ft. I can get other things done and leave my kids behind. Zeva, who has what I call “Mommy cling”, but now I can leave her behind because I can talk to her via the mics and reassure her that I’m still around. Almost instantly she calms down and goes back to playing. For her it gives her peace of mind knowing that I’m around.

For me, I have gained a lot of peace of mind. I’ve gained the peace of mind knowing that I can go use the restroom in peace and know whether or not Zeva is just having a “terrible two temper tantrum” or is truly hurt from her brothers getting a bit too rough with her (they wouldn’t hurt her knowingly in a million years, but they’ve reached the age of testing their strength against each other and everything else they do.) I also gain peace of mind when Del is home because when the kids get out of hand while I’m working, he can step in and put an end to it. Now I can enjoy having the kids in the room with me still while I’m working knowing that he’s in charge.

Here is a quick video of me showing the monitor in more detail. Mind you I’m not a video taker expert yet. I’m still a big rookie on it, but we love this product so much that it deserved some extra promotion love.

The main reason I wanted this monitor in particular was because prior to me getting my chance to review it some of my fellow blog buddies had already reviewed it. Courtney’s Sweets uses this VTech monitor to keep up with her baby while she’s sleeping so she can get extra work done at home. Trisha from MomDot found she still had a need for this monitor even as her baby got older.

You can get your own VTech Safe & Sound Pan & Tilt Full Color Video Monitor system by checking out their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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  1. I think I would love to have this! I would not ONLY use it when the babies are here- we have a two story home, and I would LOVE a baby monitor… but I would love it to keep an eye on the kids when they are out playing and I am washing dishes or other!

    • This comes in real handy for that one. Now I can send my kids outside and still keep an eye on them. I do hope to gain more cameras for mine because I feel it would be nice to have many of them. Especially since I can hook up 4 cameras all on one unit.

    • I’m glad they weren’t around when I was growing up, but I was on my own pretty much from the time I was nine years old. I spent a lot of time by myself. It amazes me that I can’t even trust my kids and my oldest is almost 11.

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