Spongy Pancakes

Pancake Platter

I had the desire to have breakfast for dinner tonight. For some reason, my pancakes did NOT taste good at all. They were no where close to I.H.O.P. pancakes.  Our pancakes ended up making me feel like we were instead eating….

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I told my family that it literally felt like we at Spongebob for dinner. Jimmy stated that SpongeBob was no longer in one piece. Instead he was beheaded. I stated, he would have had a lot more of him missing than just that with five people eating him apart.

It was terrible to say the least. However, it was definitely made for a family memory full of lots of laughs. Every person has a moment when something they cook just doesn’t turn out worth a dime.

What the true kicker for me was that the boys and my husband were eating it like it was the best thing they had to eat in ages. Once I told them that I couldn’t stand it, they all admitted their feelings on it. Zeva was the only one who was bold enough to give me BACK the pancake and shake her head and sputter like she was saying “what did you give me?”

Have you ever had a meal go sour and yet, gain a memory from it that you know you won’t forget?



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