Hope Springs-Movie Review

This movie had my attention from the word go. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m very big on trying to find ways for couples to find inspiration to keep fighting to save their marriages. Marriage is HARD WORK. Life is complicated, and there are so many different seasons of life that every couple has to go through. If we don’t go through them together as a couple, then our marriages can’t get stronger and better.

Del and I have not been married together to each other for the past 19 years (almost 20.) In fact, we both married two other people each in an attempt to move on from each other completely. However, we have had a bond that has been unbreakable despite the distance or time that has ever been between us. Love has a way of conquering all things despite what is thrown at them.

This couple is a prime example of just how bad things truly can get between a married couple. Granted they didn’t yell and fight at each other, but sometimes silence is more deadly than getting things out in the open. There are times when Del and I have such heated arguments that you would think that we are going to fall apart completely (and during those fights I wonder if we’re going to survive it, but my heart tells me that we will.)

I’ve given couples a dare to complete. Now, I’m pushing you to watch a movie that shows you how important it is to do those extra little things to stay connected. No one is a mind reader!!! (Although, there are times when I think Del does a remarkable job of it, but he listens to EVERYTHING about me all the time not just what I say but also what I don’t say.) Couples have to communicate. They have to have a physical bond as well.

Don’t let your marriage grow cold as an iceberg. Gain back your sex life. There are many great books to help with this area of your marriage.

Make sure you treasure your spouse today and forever.



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