Spoil Your Cat This Christmas

We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing some of these items in exchange for a honest product review, but that in no way shaped our opinion of these products.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t think about my pets during the holiday season too. This year I have some suggestions for my fellow cat lovers out there. One thing I’ve learned about cats is that they tend to think they are the rulers of the home. They make it very clear when they don’t like something by snubbing it. They also show a great deal of appreciation when they do love something you’ve given them. Gosh knows at night they become mighty active critters. They love their toys just as much as our kids do. Spoil your cat this Christmas with these suggestions. This post covers everything from food to toys for your cat.

The Basics For Your Cat

One thing I do value is providing my cat with a healthy and what I hope is delicious food to eat. I have noticed that with our cats that if they aren’t given something they enjoy eating they will literally turn their noses up to it and let it sit there. That’s why I was pleased to see Romeo get super excited to get a case of Against the Grain food for him to try. He smelled them and went crazy wanting to eat it as soon as I opened the box. Once I put a bowl of this food in front of him, he gobbled every ounce of it down and begged for more. Against the Grain, cat food has received many five-star ratings on their pet food products, and I must say that I can see why! Be sure to connect with Against the Grain on Facebook.

As a cat owner, I can say that having cat litter that is powerful enough to block the odor of my cat’s natural business is vital! Okocat Litter definitely does the job very well. It also seems to appeal to Romeo too because he appears to come out of his cat litter with a bit more confidence. I personally feel it is a win-win relationship for him and me. You can get more information from Healthy Pet’s website. You can also connect with okocat on Facebook too.

You can also learn more about this cat litter by watching the below video.

Gifts For Your Cat

Every cat also needs some exquisite toys to keep them entertained. Romeo loves caps off of water bottles A LOT. However, he still deserves his own special toys. Be sure to get your cat his own holiday stocking this year. I have to admit I’m also thinking he needs to get this Catit Design Senses Play Circuit.

My pet master also likes to claim all of my favorite spots in the house as his own. I think he needs his own little kingdom to lounge his highness on. I think he would love this Midwest Home. This also helps cut down on some of the cat hair that I get on my furniture.

These are some of my personal suggestions for what to get your cat this year.

What are some ways you plan to spoil your cat this Christmas?









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