Empowering Tomorrow’s Writers: Unveiling the Importance of Teaching Kids to Craft An Essay

Whether you are a parent of a school-going kid, a teacher, or just a curious person, you might have thought about how kids develop their intelligence, and cognitive powers, and become mentally sharp. There are many correlations that experts draw but reading and writing are some of the most important things that kids should be doing if they want to grow up and show promise in the field of their choice.

In this blog, we will explore some concepts behind children growing their writing chops, and why they are important for them for success. If you want to indulge your student in the art and craft of writing essays through unique and original pieces, we recommend using AI essay writers for the job!

Clip Thinking & Development in Kids

Among the many buzzwords that circulate the internet, you might have heard clip-thinking. The term was coined in the 80s by the American Sociologist Alvin Toffler. His premise was simple yet insightful. He believed that students learn new information as a missing piece from a bigger picture. This involved compilation of existing information and compartmentalization as well as classification.

To build logical relations between the things they already know and the ones they just get to know, they need to step back and look at the whole. Of course, writing essays and composing papers on new concepts and ideas can help them to become better thinkers and writers.

Building Intelligence Through Creative Writing

Even as a scholar in college, you might have experienced new eureka as you have worked on new and complex projects. The assignments compelled you to read more papers and articles to ensure that your knowledge base is updated. It might have taken more time but you ended up smarter and better. The same goes for children. They need to come up with a specific premise and then collect information on it, brainstorm it, and then write the contents of the headings through rigorous writing. They will be happier and sharper after every task. You can help them see how an essay is structured using examples from an essay generator, click here.

Why Should Children Learn Writing & Editing?

Now that we have established that children should be reading, observing, and writing new things, it is time to take note of the benefits of the practice. This section is dedicated to helping parents and educators see why sowing the seed of essay writing earlier bears fruit in the future.

International Essay Writing Competitions

Many international essay writing competitions are prestigious across the world. Students even participating in those get accolades and applause in academia and practical life. When that is the low bar, what happens if they win such competitions? Based on their writing skills, they get to hone other competencies, such as verbal presentation, argumentation, and more. 

For kids who have English as their second language, it is all the more important to start doing such practices earlier because they will have to take IELTS, TOEFL, and other international exams to study in higher classes.

Admission Essays For Colleges

The second reason to make your children pursue essay writing at an early age is to make sure they can get a college education with ease. All colleges require students to write essays based on personal experiences and ambitions. Apart from a life full of vigor, they need to have the skills to impress the members of the admissions committee. Otherwise, they will not be able to get a place in the educational institution of their choice.

Prestigious Jobs Require Superb Writing

Recent studies have shown that employers are taking the writing capabilities of employees while hiring them. Compared to the candidates with similar qualifications and skill sets, the ones who can write good prose have better chances of getting selected and securing a higher salary package. One study has shown that 36% of applications for middle-level positions are rejected solely because of the subpar language and structure of applications. 

Skill Learning in Children Through Writing

Before concluding the discussion, we will take a look at the skill learning of students when they get to write essays and structured pieces at an early age. It starts with the urgency to write something meaningful in a set timeframe. Since they need to make sense of things, they have to read and reference other sources. Once all the elements to write an essay are there, they still have to put in the time and energy to do it, from start to finish. 

The practice will give them a boost in confidence and nurture leadership qualities from the start. They will get to see the world from their perspective and take a lead from their peers.

The Way Forward!

As a parent or an educator who wants to kindle the fire of creativity and free thinking in the kids, the first place is to plan and organize the whole thing. Start with reading both classic and modern works written for kids. This will show them how thoughts and ideas are put into words without much hassle. Once they are there, a little push in the right direction will lead to wonders!




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