The 3 Best Countries To Emigrate To For Their Healthcare

People have been moving to other countries from the US in record numbers over the last few years. There are a lot of different reasons to think about moving abroad. One of the most important things to consider is healthcare. Good healthcare is essential for everyone, no matter where they live, but there are a number of countries that have better systems than others.

Staying healthy when living in another country is important, so it pays to know which countries offer the best healthcare. Often, people are looking for a less expensive way to cover themselves and their families while still receiving excellent quality care. In this article, we will go over what some of the best countries are to be able to stay healthy.

1 – Italy

In Italy, everyone who lives there can use the healthcare system. When you move to Italy, you need to get a special card to use the public health services for free or at a low cost. If you come from another European Union country, you can use your European Health Card. But if you’re not from the EU, you’ll need to buy private health insurance until you get your Italian health card. Generally, worldwide medical insurance is enough to get you through until you can get into the public system.

Public healthcare means you can see doctors and get hospital treatment without paying a lot. Sometimes, you might need to pay a small part of the cost for some medicines or special doctor visits. The care is really good in most places, but it might be better in the big cities or the north of Italy​.

Some people choose private healthcare because it’s faster and you can find doctors who speak English more easily since there aren’t as many English speakers in Italy as in other European countries. It costs more money, but if you have private health insurance, it can cover these costs. This insurance can be expensive, but sometimes jobs offer it as a benefit​.

2 – Denmark

Denmark has a really good healthcare system that is known for being easy to access and high quality. The way it works is that most of the healthcare costs are paid for by money collected from taxes. This means that when people in Denmark need to see a doctor or go to the hospital, they usually don’t have to pay for it.

Children get free dental care, but adults might have to pay some money for dental services and a few other things like eye care and physiotherapy.

Some people in Denmark also choose to have private health insurance. This is extra insurance that can cover the cost of things that the free healthcare system doesn’t fully cover, like certain dental work or medicine. Most people opt for the public insurance system but often will supplement their care by getting private insurance to reduce wait times to get certain procedures done.

3 – Germany

In Germany, everyone needs to have health insurance, whether you’re from there or moving there from another country. You can pick from public or private health insurance. Public insurance is for most people and takes care of basic health needs. It’s paid for by taking a small percentage from your paycheck and your employer also pays a part. If you earn more money or work for yourself, you might choose private insurance, which can give you more options and quicker access to doctors but costs more.

After you move to Germany and get all your paperwork done, like your social insurance number, you can sign up for health insurance. With public insurance, your family can also get covered without extra costs. You’ll get a health card that you should take with you when you go to the doctor or dentist. If you make a lot of money, are self-employed, or are a student over 30, you might look into private insurance, which covers more services and can be customized but you’ll pay based on your health and age, not your salary.

You can choose your own doctor and many speak English. If you need to see a specialist, you’ll usually need a note from your regular doctor first. For emergencies, you call 112, and you can get help right away. The medicine you need will sometimes cost a little money, even with insurance.


Moving to a new country is a big step that involves a lot of planning, not least of which is getting to know the healthcare system there. Getting everything set up in a new country can take time. It’s important to be patient and ready for a process that can sometimes be slow.

However, knowing that you’ll have good healthcare for you and your family is very comforting.



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