Small Gift Suggestions.

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of good video games coming out in the near future. I would suggest that you get your video gamer a game or two for Christmas.

I also recommend getting the TV viewer in your family their favorite series on DVD for them. I know I enjoy watching Vampire Diaries and Army Wives from beginning to end from time to time. I am looking forward to watching Grey’s Anatomy from beginning to end when I get that series.

For the book lover, get them some books in the genre that they love to read.

For all of these types of people, you can even give them an Amazon gift card. Amazon is my go to place to get books and movies and even some games.

These are some recommendations I have. (I will be working on some better really great gift ideas as we get closer to Christmas.) I know my suggestions haven’t truly been unique, but Christmas is still a ways away. Plus these are things that I would get my family (or myself.) I’ve always been told buy the things that you would love to have as a gift yourself.

84 Christmas gift suggestion
83 Christmas gift suggestion
82 Christmas gift suggestion

What are some things that you would love to have??



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