People Like Us-Movie Review


I finally got the chance to watch this movie late this afternoon. I started to watch it earlier today, but life got in the way. However, it’s my life that I love!!

This movie struck home for me because as I’ve said a hundred times, I’ve had to give up my first born child. I pray everyday that she will come see me again one day. I have had conversations with her since the adoption has gone through and I get pictures often. However, it’s not the same as physically seeing her in person. I love her enough to be comfortable with my decision because she is thriving where she is. I just wish she could get to know her brothers and sister now instead of ending up like these characters in this movie.

Family is a complicated thing!! I LOVED his quote that “there are no textbook parents” but our kids are blessed to have us in their lives as much as we are to have them in our lives. I will NEVER be a perfect parent, but I do hope my kids (ALL FOUR) of them know how much I love them!! No matter where our kids are or who they are with, they remain in our hearts and thoughts. We ALWAYS want to see our kids live a better life, regardless how good it may/may not be.

I totally enjoyed this movie and highly recommend it!! It’s a good family movie as well (there is some violence and poor language, but it’s definitely nothing more than what they already see in schools now a days.)



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