Shine – AI Enabled Toilet Cleaner

Most of us hate cleaning but it has to be done. The worst part of cleaning is cleaning the washroom, especially the toilet bowl. With a high traffic home comes a high traffic bathroom which means it has to be cleaned a lot. Not only does it have to be cleaned a lot but when a toilet is in use all the time, the chances of leak or some problem are high. Cleaning with chemicals and dealing with toilet problems is a problem that many of us face so one company has tried to solve these issues. The Shine Bathroom Assistant has been designed to disinfect your toilet and clean it without using any harsh chemicals and also act as an AI assistant to detect any problems, like leaks. The Shine features automate toilet cleaning, automatically deodorizes after each flush, has automate toilet maintenance, and is compatible with any toilet and easy to install.

You can place the Shine anywhere near the toilet and let it do its thing. Once the tank is full of water and the cleaning pod is inserted, electrolyzed water is created to clean the toilet. Electrolyzed water is as strong as bleach but with no chemicals. With a flush or a command through the app, the Shine will clean and deodorize. Sam, Shine’s very own AI assistant, will help to maintain your toilet and also record water usage to help you save money on water. Sam will also order any kits required for a fix of the detected problem. You will save money and time this way, as Sam will walk you through everything instead of needing to call an expensive plumber.

Shine Bathroom is currently being funded on with a delivery date of February 2020. You can get the Shine Bathroom for a discounted price of $99 right now.

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