GPCA Carabiner – A Multi-Functional Tool to Make Life Easier

If you are an adventure seeker or constantly on the go and need some essential tools, the GPCA Carabiner is the perfect tool for you. It has a minimalist design, able to attach to your clothes or backpack but packs a lot of tools you may need for your daily routine. The carabiner is made from high quality material and functions as so many things. It has a flip out 2mm steel/titanium blade perfect for opening boxes and sharpening branches outdoors. The carabiner also features a bottle opener which has 3x the leverage of regular bottle openers. The Carabiner, itself, also functions as knuckles, if you ever feel like you may be in trouble in the wild.

This Carabiner has two screw drivers for your everyday quick fixes. It’s perfect for when you are on the go and need to quickly tighten a screw or even when you are home and you are having trouble finding your screwdriver. The design and curvature of the carabiner tool provides plenty of torque and force. This tool also features a prong for the removal of nails and can be used as a pry tool. The curvature of the carabiner allows for a stronger pull of nails compared to regular hammers.

The Carabiner is perfect to attach to your belt loop or bag for everyday use. You can also use it to carry heavy objects that can be attached to it or even use it hang your suit coat. Not only is it a multi-functional tool but it is great for holding your keys. It also has two specialized places on the tool to attach your most used key, like your house key, so you will always have it ready when you need it.

Performing all of your daily tasks just got easier with this tool. The GPCA Carabiner is being crowd-funded on and can get yours in aluminum ($35), stainless steel ($45), or titanium ($79).

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