Redecorating the kids’ room

Even in the most austere of household, the children room tends to be an exception when it comes to decorating it. The rest of the house might be sparsely furnished and with a white austerity in line with the strictest of Scandinavian minimalist décor, but the space where your kids spend or will spend their afternoons playing and growing up need to have a dash of color. After all, children need to be stimulated and engaged and a white wall simply won’t do.

There is another characteristic that is unique to this room: unlike most other inhabitants in your household, children grown up fast, way too fast. What was perfectly fine only a few years ago, it is embarrassingly childish to your growing teenager. It is therefore important to realize this and make sure that the design of the room fits your child’s growing needs and interests.

Redecorating over and over can be a tiring and expensive project, luckily nowadays there is a simpler way to update a space: highlighting a wall of the room with a funky wallpaper, while keeping the other three walls of a neutral color that fits the décor you have chosen. Modern wallpapers are incredibly eclectic and come in a variety of designs that is simply unimaginable with the humble paint. Technological evolution created new materials that are easier to install and more durable than the wallpaper you remember at your grandparent’s house, so swapping one model for the next can be done with little effort and expenses.

In this article we will focus on two scenarios that require a redesign of the room in question, the birth of your first child and redecorating the room or a growing kid.

A new child is born

Usually the nursery is decorated well in advance, it is after all a well understood ritual that many parents to be embark with much enthusiasm. This is one of the most exciting memories of the pregnancy and choosing the right children’s wallpaper is one of the most fun aspects of all.

“Building the nest” is crucial as you start to realize the physical requirements that the arrival of your baby will bring along. The baby will have certain needs, a changing table, a warm light and a safe space, with as few edges as possible.

A new-born baby is going to spend a lot of time staring at the walls, so we should try to foster his imagination. Try therefore to be bold and fill the room with cars, space ships or ice creams like these beautiful kids wallpaper models especially created by skilled designers with experience with the requirements of growing children. The color plays an important role as according to many studies, children up to 3 months of age only see large contrasts as dark figures on a white background. This changes quickly as they grow and their senses improve, but it’s important to strike a right balance between stimuli and elements of fun and relaxation, since their bedroom is both their playroom and sleeping room.

kids wallpaper

A kid grows up (way too fast…)

When you started decorating the room before arrival, you had a baby in mind,  but your child doesn’t stand still and soon he’ll start crawling, then walking, then requiring his first bed and before you know his legs outgrow his first bed and it’s time to upgrade to a “big bed”. By the time your child is about 5 years old the original décor you chose will inevitably seem a little outdated.

Your child has now clear ideas on what he likes so it might make sense starting to involve him in the choice of wallpaper for the feature wall before you start decorating his room.  Luckily the choice of wallpaper designed for kids age 5 to 16 is wider than ever. If you have a passion for things retro you might combine it with a feature wall featuring classic Marvel comics from the 1950s and 60s. We know for a fact that very few boys object to having an entire wall covered with their favorite hero!


If you instead want to keep the space a little more neutral, a favorite option is to pick a geometric pattern. There are many varieties, with different color schemes that can match your existing furniture and these patterns are perfect for creating a custom vibe that works for both a little girl or boy. They are a great way to add color without seeming overbearing.


There are many more options available on the market, but I want to leave you with a word of advice: always make sure to involve your kid in the choice of wallpaper. You should still be in charge of the final decision making, particularly if the kid is still fairly young, so I suggest to preselect a range of models that are suitable for the décor you have in mind, and let your child take the final decision. And remember: have fun decorating!



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