We were given the chance to review Online Subscription for six months in exchange for an honest blog review. That in no way shaped our opinion of this service.

My boys LOVE Science! It is one of their favorite subjects t o explore and learn. They soak up learning everything they can about the world around them. So, when we were given the chance to review I was super thrilled because I knew it would be a program to entertain and educate Delbert while I was working with Jimmy and/or Zeva.

Science4Us Review Online Subscription  is a program that is designed to help get K-2 grade students well on their way to Science success. It is filled with many online Modules for the kids to do. It even has resources that I can use as a part of our lessons offline for additional hands on interactions. covers the main topics needed for K-2 standard requirements such as Science Inquiry, Earth/Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science and a few other topics.

I can tell Delbert to log into using his login information and he can work independently. Delbert has yet to get enough of this program. He is always finding out something new and exciting when he is ‘engaged’ in this program. He has various parts of it that he loves the most. He loves the fact that he can enjoy learning through music and videos that are entertaining. As he completes his lessons, he gets stars to show he’s done with the assignments. The only downfall is that it takes a period of time for each individual session to start, but once it loads it’s well worth the wait!

Delbert created a small video reviewing it in even more detail, but the darn sound went out in the recording. It was so cute and wonderful. He was going into detail about all the features he loved about it. It was done on the fly and with Delbert if you try to repeat something like that he would get frustrated. He truly loves it and wants others to join in on the Science fun. (Even Zeva will sit next to him and enjoy his Science lessons when he lets her.)

Using my own personal login information as a parent, I have the ability to assign lessons to Delbert. I can also take advantage of using their detailed lesson plans to help guide me in teaching Delbert his first grade science standards. Plus I can also watch videos designed to help me as well. The added feature that I really like is the ability to track what Delbert’s done while he was online and how well he’s done on the assignments.

He loves to be able to work independently and not have to do workbooks to do it. I love it because I can watch over his shoulder in a discreet manner without making him feel pressured. I love to hear his little moments of cheer. Just yesterday he got up and started dancing through some of the songs and singing them too. If you have a hyper child like mine, that’s a great benefit because you know he’s learning and burning off the excess energy at the same time. He quickly jumped back into his work with a vengeance.

I’m confident that you’ll enjoy using this program for your child(ren.) You can sign your child up for for only $7.95 per month per child. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.
What program do you use for your K-2 grade students online?

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