How to Maintain Your Gas Grill

If you want your expensive grill to last beyond one glorious summer season, you’re going to have to invest in its maintenance. Don’t worry – all you need to do is implement a few simple steps and you should be able to enjoy your grill for many years to come.

Keep It Protected

Your grill is an expensive investment – don’t leave it to the mercy of the great outdoors. Custom island grill covers, for example, can give your equipment an extension of life. It not only protects your grill, it will also keep it clean and in good condition for the next time you use it.

Don’t buy a cover that doesn’t fit. This will just leave it open to the elements to do their damage. Remember that your grill cover should not extend all the way to the ground. You need a little bit of air to circulate through your unit to ensure it’s kept in tiptop condition.

Before you apply the cover, make sure the grill surface area has fully cooled down. This will prevent both your grill and cover from extensive damage.

Periodical Maintenance Steps

We recommend taking the following steps every five to ten cookouts. This really depends on personal preference and how your grill holds up – if you see that it needs a little bit more attention, do it more often.

Firstly, you want to remove the cooking grates and have them cleaned on both sides. Now that you’ve taken them off, you’ve exposed another area of your grill that is usually off limits. Take the opportunity to give it a good clean, though be careful with how much water you use. Check this article out for some guidance.

Once you’ve finished this cleaning process, fire up the grill and leave it running for around ten minutes. Wait until the smoke clears away, which is a sign that your grill is back to full working order.

Every Time You Cook

There are several small steps you can take to ensure your grill keeps performing. Do the following each and every time your grill is used:

Brush everything – don’t be lazy with this one. Take a heavy-duty brush and ensure all the burnt bits are removed and discarded. Good brushes from brands like Rubbermaid always work best.

  • Once you’ve finished, leave your grill running for a few minutes. This will burn off any undesired remains that you don’t want sticking around.
  • Cover It! Once the grill has fully cooled, it’s time to apply the cover. Don’t forget this step, as it’s one of the easiest ones to implement to protect your grill.

As you can see, these are very basic steps. However, they make quite a big impact on keeping your grill running smoothly.

Finally, Stay Consistent

As we’ve already mentioned, maintaining your grill is not a time-intensive pursuit. However, it is important to remain consistent. Don’t forget about your grill for months before giving it the TLC it deserves. Just a few minutes every once in a while can go a long way to ensuring your grill is kept in pristine condition.

Do you have any extra tips to add to keep your grill well maintained? 

This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84



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