‘The Church’ is Making a Presence Everywhere

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I was raised up to believe that ‘The Church’ is anyone who believes in God and lives their life according to the Bible’s teaching. I have been given the chance to review and promote many movies based around God lately. I have some more coming up in the very near future too from various sources.

I’m not a Bible preaching woman as much as I should be. However, I can say that God is my salvation. He is my rock that I lean on first and foremost. I do strive to be a good Christian, but like everyone else I do have my downfalls that I’m desperately trying to fix.

I am eager for the movie “Noah” to come out tomorrow. I’ve seen previews for it many times over and it looks to be a great film. I’ve read John Snowden’s point of view of the “Noah” movie and I’m even more convinced that it will be one of the top movies of the year to see.

I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I can say that if what John states is true then this movie will definitely open some doors of communication. I’d love to take some of my loved ones to go see it and maybe talk about some of the events that are bound to be a part of this movie. Many people who lack faith in God do not believe it’s possible to actually have a relationship with him.

They don’t see that you can actually talk to God. I can remember being nine years old scared and frightened beyond belief for the first time in my life and praying with all of my might to God to help my Mom. He literally talked to me and told me everything would be okay to calm down because he was with us. At the time, I didn’t see how he could be with us, but I trusted in him and I calmed down. It wasn’t long after he said those words that things calmed down for that night.

My mom and I still lived in a nightmare situation for a period of time, but God did provide the means for us to get out in his time frame. I strongly believe that God has used us as vessels for his message. Regardless of whether or not you have faith in God, you’re still bound to have hardships and struggle with being a sinner. I believe that the movie “Noah” is going to address that fact too based off of what John’s articles stated.

As John pointed out in his article, there is always room for interpretation when it comes to the Bible. However, when a movie or program gives us ‘The Church’ the chance to talk freely with those we love about God and our relationship with him then it’s worth viewing and promoting. I do hope that people will pick up their Bibles and actually read it and let God move through them.

What are your thoughts on the impending movie?




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