Reasons Why You Should Earn an Oracle Certification

This is a sponsored guest post filled with information that I feel will be helpful for you because I have seen this to be true. 

Employers in the Information Technology career know what makes a good job candidate, and they know that Oracle certifications are a top-notch way of verifying one’s skills and credibility. Anyone currently in or interested in entering the IT field should immediately work toward earning a technical certification. Oracle is a leading provider of these certifications. They ensure that all participants are provided with the adequate resources, knowledge, and testing sources in order to verify skills and obtain new information during the testing process.

A certification will automatically put your resume above others when applying for a job. Having one or multiple certifications on your resume is easily enough to earn the job you’re vying to have. Employers will value your experience and trust that you are able to enhance the job position, take control of the work and role, lead a group of employees, and/or benefit their company. With a certification, you will be able to characterize yourself among peers and other employees, have an advantage within the competitive marketplace, and access an entire new world of opportunities and advantages, available exclusively to Oracle certification holders.

Obtaining an Oracle certification in multiple specializations is easy with the numerous testing resources available. Oracle certifications are among the most valued certifications in the IT career. They offer complete competency within a job way and lead to job access, security, and growth – three things that are highly appreciated in any career. Earn an Oracle certification and watch the opportunities open up right in front of your eyes.

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  1. Hey Crystal!
    Wow, you are one busy product tester! That sounds like so much fun! Do you just contact places that sell things you like or want to try and tell them you will advertise on your blog and then they send you a product to review? I am clueless about this part of blogging, but it sounds like Christmas! I read a blog yesterday where the girl got a FREE pair of $90 Reebok running shoes to do a review for! How cool!!
    So, anyway, I read this article on your blog because I got a certification in Web Page Design online and all of that information is GONE from my brain! I wonder if I was to get a certification from oracle and didn’t get a job RIGHT away if I would lose all that info, too, or if my cert would even be relevant by the time I got a job! So, can you get multiple certifications? I like IT, but I don’t think in a million years I could walk someone through troubleshooting, like when you call Dell computers and they send you to a person in India and they fix the problem in 2 mins! I’ll have to check it out and see what they offer!
    Thanks for all of the info!

    • You’re welcome for all the information. Check out my recent #TidbitsThursday post about product reviewing. I actually answered your question in that post.

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