Reached My Limit!!!

Well, I told you awhile back that we were trying Broadband Blue service. We’ve tried it and when it works, it works beautifully!! Yet, it doesn’t work as often as it should. There is only one tower that works for our house.

So when that tower is out, then we have NO INTERNET at all. I can’t afford to be without Internet for any length of time! We use an online public school for teaching our kids at home. School is starting back up on August 19th for them. So we are going with Excede Internet that we know is reliable. The only draw back is we are limited to 25 GB of Internet usage in a given month. Considering I work on the Internet on a regular basis all day long, it’s hard to keep within that range every month.

Sometimes in life we have to choose things that may not necessarily be a better deal, but reliability goes a long way!! Reliability means more money. Plus “time is money.” If I can’t work then I’m losing money. I may only be a stay-at-home blogger who isn’t making a full-time income YET. However, I am making big changes one little baby step at a time.

I’m just grateful we had the means to go ahead and order the other Internet on such short notice. Granted, I have to wait until the 2nd to have it back. However, hopefully we won’t have anymore tower outages between now and then. Yet, I know I can’t rely on that not happening. Until then, please be patient with me.

We are still hoping and praying that AT&T Uverse or Time Warner Cable Internet are headed to our home. We desperately need unlimited Internet that is made for video gaming and watching movies on. That would definitely save us a lot of money. Del is still playing Defiance when he has the chance. He doesn’t have as much time to play video games like he use to. However, little by little he’s getting through that game. He does enjoy this game a lot. He’s still looking for people to play with him on Defiance.

I’d love to know what all is going on in your world???



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