Customer service – as a consumer, we have all been at the wrong end of a frustrating complaint call.

Dealing with customer service is something that can become quite unavoidable once you deal with purchases and transactions. These calls to customer service can leave you drained – waiting on hold for long periods, listening to some repetitive jingle while the automated system takes forever to connect you.

Surge in Social Media

Now however, we the consumers have a louder voice. Customer interactions now no longer require dreaded phone calls to the company’s directory. With the rise to prominence of the many social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, we the consumers have faster ways to contact the companies in question.

With a more open communication between companies and their customers, queries about refunds, troubleshooting, and repairs are an instant message away.

Travel Troubles

When it comes to traveling, various issues can occur at every trip. They are inevitable; a scenario each passenger must be prepared to deal with at a moment’s notice. Planes, trains, trams, and even buses all face potential issues that can lead to a delay or cancellation.

In these scenarios, it is up to the company to inform their passengers of any changes in the schedule. There is no worse experience than rushing to a station only to find out that the schedule was changed – or worse, that the transport already left the station earlier than usual. Luckily, today’s modern world offers a very convenient device in our pockets that can alert us to just about anything.

An Open Communication

In the UK, the train and the tram are two of the most common modes of transportation. People use it daily to travel for school, work, among other things. Trains and trams have tight schedules for people with even tighter timetables. It is therefore necessary to have a quick and open communication between the passengers and the company behind these rides.

A recent study conducted by CALLCARE tried to assess the speed of communication between these companies and customer questions. Using Twitter as the main platform, CALLCARE wanted to check how well these rail lines conduct themselves against time issues. The results may surprise you – see the difference between each company and ask yourself: are their #RailResponses fast enough to your liking?

A Fast Response

The world of transportation is very fast paced – arrive a minute late and you may have already missed your trip. So many things can go wrong at such short amounts of time. Receive the wrong information and it may throw a wrench at that vacation you have been planning for months.

If given a quick enough warning for an impending interruption or change, the customer can have enough leeway to adjust theirschedules. That is where these responses come into the equation. Some companies can take hours to inform you of your travel changes, while others only require a few minutes to spread the word. I guess this leaves you with an important question.

Are you willing to wait that long?

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