How To Optimize Video For Different Social Media Channels?

It is said that by 2020, more than 80% of consumer web traffic will be solely in video format. According to numerous digital marketing companies in Dubai, social video marketing is one of the best ways to successfully connect and engage the target audience. To find more details about how to optimize videos for different social media channels, take a look at this link

Things You Should Know

Every digital agency Dubai will tell you that posting videos on social media will bring much bigger reach than regular posts or even photos. But in case you still don’t have your business and you’re considering of buying someone else’s business, think about how challenging that may be. Owning a business in the UAE can seem like a difficult task, but it couldn’t be simpler. In case you need more information, follow these few simple steps on how to buy the existing business

Optimizing Videos For Facebook

Today, over 8 million videos are played every day through Facebook only. These videos get over 135% more organic reach than the photos posted on Facebook.

Add Captions To Your Videos

Almost 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without the sound. Thus, your message must be seen at all cost. There’s another way to show your message to viewers. You should incorporate your message into the video asking viewers to click the message so they can hear the audio.

Choose Your Target Audience

Facebook gives the option of targeting native video to the most relevant users, and this marketing feature is something you don’t want to miss. You’re also able to place restrictions on some audience groups which will allow your video to reach only specified groups of people.

Upload Your Videos Directly To Facebook

The percentage of interaction rates that native videos have is over 109% while the share rates are way over 477% than YouTube videos that are uploaded to Facebook have. If you wish to increase the engagement, you should post directly to Facebook instead of linking to YouTube videos.

Optimizing Videos For Instagram

Instagram is known as the most visual platform, and that’s the reason why your Instagram videos need to look pleasant, but they need to remain sweet and short at the same time. Instagram videos are limited to 1 minute, so you’ll need to focus more on making quick, engaging, eye-catching, and meaningful videos.

Explainer Or Animation

Having a great and colorful video is a fantastic way to grab people’s attention on Instagram, but since they are limited to 1-minute length, you need to be very creative with what you’ll put in your video. In case you can’t create animations by yourself, consider hiring a video production company to create them for you.

Ask Users To Use Your Hashtags

In case you’ve uploaded a particular video, and you wish to see other people interpreting what they’ve learned from your video, ask them to put a hashtag on their photos or videos which will benefit you the most since they’ll be tagging your brand.

Choose Hashtags Carefully

Hashtags will increase the exposure that your video gets, but don’t use too many hashtags since it can be overwhelming. Using numerous hashtags usually tells people that you have no direction, and it can distract viewers from the message you’ve placed in your video. Digital marketing companies in Dubai would suggest you that you should use three to five relevant hashtags and no more than that.

How To Optimize Videos For YouTube?

When you decide to create a video marketing campaign, YouTube is the social platform that you shouldn’t ignore. Among numerous marketing tips you could use for YouTube marketing campaign, we’ll mention several most important.

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How-To Videos And Tutorials

Several hundred million hours of how-to videos are watched during each year on YouTube. Providing your viewers with valuable information that’s within your company’s area of expertise will give the viewers a sense of trustworthiness more effectively than bombing them with brand-centric messages and sales.

Use Crosslink Videos For Greater Impact

Use this method of self-promotion to gain more significant engagement. Placing some of your other video content onto your current video will make viewers more engaged with your content. You should think about creating a series of videos about the same or similar topic to engage your viewers with crosslinking even more.

Partnering Up With YouTube Influencers

More than 60% of YouTube subscribers listen to the advice given by their favorite YouTube creators over the information provided by movie stars or TV spokesperson. Let’s consider that your budget allows you to partner up with YouTube influencers, and if they fit your brand perfectly, you should think about this strategy since it can benefit you both.

More Information

In case you need more ideas on how to optimize your videos for social media platforms or how else could your company benefit from posting your videos to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, contact our digital marketing agency Dubai as soon as possible, and we’ll talk you through everything you wish to know.




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